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woeful definitions

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: affected by or full of grief or woe; "his sorrow...made him look...haggard and...woebegone"- George du Maurier [syn: woebegone, woeful]
2: of very poor quality or condition; "deplorable housing conditions in the inner city"; "woeful treatment of the accused"; "woeful errors of judgment" [syn: deplorable, execrable, miserable, woeful, wretched]

Merriam Webster's

also woful adjective Date: 14th century 1. full of woe ; grievous <woeful prophecies> 2. involving or bringing woe 3. lamentably bad or serious ; deplorable <woeful ignorance> woefully adverb woefulness noun

Oxford Reference Dictionary

adj. 1 sorrowful; afflicted with distress (a woeful expression). 2 causing sorrow or affliction. 3 very bad; wretched (woeful ignorance). Derivatives: woefully adv. woefulness n.

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Woeful Woe"ful, Woful Wo"ful, a. 1. Full of woe; sorrowful; distressed with grief or calamity; afflicted; wretched; unhappy; sad. How many woeful widows left to bow To sad disgrace! --Daniel. 2. Bringing calamity, distress, or affliction; as, a woeful event; woeful want. O woeful day! O day of woe! --Philips. 3. Wretched; paltry; miserable; poor. What woeful stuff this madrigal would be! --Pope.

Collin's Cobuild Dictionary

1. If someone or something is woeful, they are very sad. ...a woeful ballad. ADJ woefully He said woefully: 'I love my country, but it does not give a damn about me.' ADV: ADV with v 2. You can use woeful to emphasize that something is very bad or undesirable. ...the woeful state of the economy. ADJ: usu ADJ n [emphasis] woefully Public expenditure on the arts is woefully inadequate... ADV: usu ADV adj, also ADV before v

Moby Thesaurus

abominable, affecting, afflictive, aggrieved, anguished, arrant, atrocious, awful, base, beastly, beneath contempt, bitter, blameworthy, bleak, brutal, calamitous, careworn, cheerless, comfortless, contemptible, crushed, cut up, deep-troubled, dejected, deplorable, depressed, depressing, depressive, desolate, despicable, detestable, dire, discomforting, disconsolate, disgusting, dismal, dismaying, dispirited, distressful, distressing, doleful, dolorific, dolorogenic, dolorous, downcast, downhearted, dreadful, dreary, dumb with grief, egregious, enormous, fetid, filthy, flagrant, foul, fulsome, grave, grief-stricken, griefful, grieved, grievous, gross, harrowed, hateful, heart-stricken, heart-struck, heartbreaking, heartsick, heinous, horrible, horrid, in grief, in the dumps, inconsolable, infamous, joyless, lamentable, loathsome, lousy, low-spirited, lugubrious, miserable, monstrous, mournful, moving, nasty, nefarious, noisome, notorious, obnoxious, odious, offensive, on the rack, outrageous, overcome, painful, pathetic, piteous, pitiable, pitiful, plaintive, plangent, plunged in grief, poignant, racked, rank, regrettable, reprehensible, repulsive, rotten, rueful, ruthful, sad, saddening, scandalous, schlock, scurvy, shabby, shameful, sharp, shocking, shoddy, sordid, sore, sorrowed, sorrowful, sorrowing, squalid, stricken, suicidal, tearful, terrible, too bad, tortured, touching, unclean, uncomfortable, unfortunate, unprecedented, vile, villainous, woebegone, worst, worthless, wretched, wrung


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