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put through definitions

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: pursue to a conclusion or bring to a successful issue; "Did he go through with the treatment?"; "He implemented a new economic plan"; "She followed up his recommendations with a written proposal" [syn: follow through, follow up, follow out, carry out, implement, put through, go through]
2: connect by telephone; "the operator put a call through to Rio"

Merriam Webster's

transitive verb Date: 1888 1. to carry to a successful conclusion <put through a number of reforms> 2. a. to make a telephone connection for b. to obtain a connection for (a telephone call)

Collin's Cobuild Dictionary

1. When someone puts through someone who is making a telephone call, they make the connection that allows the telephone call to take place. The operator will put you through... He asked to be put through to Charley Lunn. = connect PHRASAL VERB: V n P, be V-ed P to n, also V P n (not pron) 2. If someone puts you through an unpleasant experience, they make you experience it. She wouldn't want to put them through the ordeal of a huge ceremony... PHRASAL VERB: V n P n

Moby Thesaurus

abide by, accomplish, achieve, adhere to, administer, bring about, bring off, bring through, bring to effect, bring to pass, canalize, carry into effect, carry into execution, carry off, carry out, carry through, channel, channelize, clear, clear the hurdle, come along, come on, come through, come through with, compass, complete, conduct, constitute, contrive, convey, crown with success, cut the mustard, decree, discharge, do the trick, effect, effectuate, enact, enact laws, enforce, engineer, execute, filibuster, fill out, fulfill, funnel, get along, get by, get on, get the floor, get through, go on, go through, hack it, have the floor, honor, implement, kill, legislate, lobby through, logroll, make, make it, make out, make the grade, manage, manage somehow, muddle through, negotiate, observe, ordain, pass, pigeonhole, pipe, pocket, promulgate, prosecute, pull off, put across, put in force, put in practice, put into effect, put into practice, put over, railroad through, render, roll logs, scrape along, siphon, succeed in, swing, swing the deal, table, take the floor, transact, translate into action, trench, turn the trick, veto, work out, worry along, yield the floor


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