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Peripatetic definitions

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

PERIPATET'IC, a. [Gr. to walk about.] Pertaining to Aristotle's system of philosophy, or to the sect of his followers.
PERIPATET'IC, n. A follower of Aristotle, so called because the founders of his philosophy taught, or his followers disputed questions, walking in the Lyceum at Athens.
1. It is ludicrously applied to one who is obliged to walk, or cannot afford to ride.

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: of or relating to Aristotle or his philosophy; "Aristotelean logic" [syn: Aristotelian, Aristotelean, Aristotelic, peripatetic]
2: traveling especially on foot; "peripatetic country preachers"; "a poor wayfaring stranger" [syn: peripatetic, wayfaring] n
1: a person who walks from place to place
2: a follower of Aristotle or an adherent of Aristotelianism [syn: Aristotelian, Aristotelean, Peripatetic]

Merriam Webster's

I. noun Date: 15th century 1. capitalized a follower of Aristotle or adherent of Aristotelianism 2. pedestrian, itinerant 3. plural movement or journeys hither and thither II. adjective Etymology: Middle French & Latin; Middle French peripatetique, from Latin peripateticus, from Greek peripat?tikos, from peripatein to walk up and down, discourse while pacing (as did Aristotle), from peri- + patein to tread; akin to Sanskrit patha path more at find Date: 1566 1. capitalized Aristotelian 2. a. of, relating to, or given to walking b. moving or traveling from place to place ; itinerant peripatetically adverb Peripateticism noun

Oxford Reference Dictionary

adj. & n. --adj. 1 (of a teacher) working in more than one school or college etc. 2 going from place to place; itinerant. 3 (Peripatetic) Aristotelian (from Aristotle's habit of walking in the Lyceum whilst teaching). --n. a peripatetic person, esp. a teacher. Derivatives: peripatetically adv. peripateticism n. Etymology: ME f. OF peripatetique or L peripateticus f. Gk peripatetikos f. peripateo (as PERI-, pateo walk)

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Peripatetic Per`i*pa*tet"ic, a. [L. peripateticus, Gr. ?, fr. ? to walk about; ? about + ? to walk: cf. F. p['e]ripat['e]tique.] 1. Walking about; itinerant. 2. Of or pertaining to the philosophy taught by Aristotle (who gave his instructions while walking in the Lyceum at Athens), or to his followers. ``The true peripatetic school.'' --Howell.

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Peripatetic Per`i*pa*tet"ic, n. 1. One who walks about; a pedestrian; an itinerant. --Tatler. 2. A disciple of Aristotle; an Aristotelian.

Collin's Cobuild Dictionary

If someone has a peripatetic life or career, they travel around a lot, living or working in places for short periods of time. (FORMAL) Her father was in the army and the family led a peripatetic existence. ADJ: usu ADJ n

Soule's Dictionary of English Synonyms

I. a. 1. Itinerant, walking about, wandering. 2. Aristotelian, of Aristotle. II. n. 1. Disciple of Aristotle. 2. Pedestrian, walker (ludicrously).

Moby Thesaurus

Ahasuerus, Ancient Mariner, Argonaut, Flying Dutchman, Goliard, Odysseus, Oisin, Ossian, Ulysses, ambulant, ambulative, ambulator, ambulatory, backpacker, bird of passage, circuit-riding, drifter, expeditionary, floater, foot passenger, foot soldier, foot traveler, footslogger, gad, gadabout, globe-girdling, globe-trotting, go-about, going, hiker, hitchhiker, hoofer, infantryman, itinerant, itinerary, jaywalker, journeying, locomotive, marcher, mover, moving, mundivagant, nomadic, on tour, paddlefoot, passing, pedestrian, perambulating, perambulatory, peregrinative, peregrinator, peregrine, pilgrimlike, progressing, rambler, roamer, rolling stone, rover, roving, runabout, straggler, stroller, strolling, strolling player, touring, touristic, touristy, trailsman, tramper, traveling, trekking, troubadour, vagabond, vagrant, visitant, walker, walking, walkist, wanderer, wandering, wandering minstrel, wandering scholar, wayfaring


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