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Offspring definitions

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

OFF'SPRING, n. [off and spring.
1. A child or children; a descendant or descendants, however remote from the stock. Acts 17. Revelation 22.
2. Propagation; generation.
3. Production of any kind.

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: the immediate descendants of a person; "she was the mother of many offspring"; "he died without issue" [syn: offspring, progeny, issue]
2: something that comes into existence as a result; "industrialism prepared the way for acceptance of the French Revolution's various socialistic offspring"; "this skyscraper is the solid materialization of his efforts" [syn: offspring, materialization, materialisation]
3: any immature animal [syn: young, offspring]

Merriam Webster's

noun (plural offspring; also offsprings) Etymology: Middle English ofspring, from Old English, from of off + springan to spring Date: before 12th century 1. a. the product of the reproductive processes of an animal or plant ; young, progeny b. child 2. a. product, result <scholarly manuscripts—the labored offsprings of PhDs — Donna Martin> b. offshoot 1a

Oxford Reference Dictionary

n. (pl. same) 1 a person's child or children or descendant(s). 2 an animal's young or descendant(s). 3 a result. Etymology: OE ofspring f. OF from + springan SPRING v.

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Offspring Off"spring`, n.sing. & pl. [Off + spring.] 1. The act of production; generation. [Obs.] 2. That which is produced; a child or children; a descendant or descendants, however remote from the stock. To the gods alone Our future offspring and our wives are known. --Dryden. 3. Origin; lineage; family. [Obs.] --Fairfax.

Collin's Cobuild Dictionary

(offspring) You can refer to a person's children or to an animal's young as their offspring. (FORMAL) Eleanor was now less anxious about her offspring than she had once been. N-COUNT: oft with poss

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia



Soule's Dictionary of English Synonyms

n. 1. Issue, progeny, child or children, descendant or descendants, posterity. 2. Production.

Moby Thesaurus

aftermath, artifact, bairn, brainchild, breed, brood, by-product, cherub, child, children, chit, coinage, composition, conclusion, concoction, consequence, consequent, corollary, creation, creature, crowning achievement, darling, daughter, derivation, derivative, descendant, descendants, descent, development, distillate, distillation, dynasty, effect, end product, essence, event, eventuality, eventuation, extract, family, folks, foster child, fruit, get, grandchild, grandchildren, granddaughter, grandson, great-grandchildren, handiwork, harvest, hatch, hearth, heir, heiress, heirs, homefolks, hostages to fortune, house, household, inheritors, innocent, invention, issue, kid, kids, kitten, lamb, lambkin, legacy, line, lineage, little bugger, little fellow, little guy, little innocent, little one, little ones, little tad, little tot, logical outcome, manufacture, masterpiece, masterwork, menage, mintage, mite, new generation, new mintage, nipper, offshoot, opera, opus, opuscule, origination, outcome, outgrowth, peewee, people, posterity, precipitate, produce, product, production, progeniture, progeny, result, resultant, rising generation, scion, seed, sequel, sequela, sequence, sequent, shaver, son, son and heir, sonny, sons, spawn, stepchild, stepdaughter, stepson, succession, successor, swarm, tad, tot, treasures, upshot, wee tot, work, young, younglings, youngster, youngsters


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