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Magnolia definitions

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

MAGNO'LIA, n. The laurel-leafed tulip tree, of several species.

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: dried bark of various magnolias; used in folk medicine
2: any shrub or tree of the genus Magnolia; valued for their longevity and exquisite fragrant blooms

Merriam Webster's

noun Etymology: New Latin, from Pierre Magnol died 1715 French botanist Date: 1748 any of a genus (Magnolia of the family Magnoliaceae, the magnolia family) of American and Asian shrubs and trees with entire evergreen or deciduous leaves and usually showy white, yellow, rose, or purple flowers usually appearing in early spring

Britannica Concise

Any of about 80 species of trees and shrubs in the genus Magnolia, native to N. and Central America, the Himalayas, and E. Asia. They are valued for their fragrant flowers and handsome leaves. Magnolia is one of 12 genera in the family Magnoliaceae, which contains 210 species. Magnolias are among the most primitive of flowering plants; their primitive features include long floral axes, spiral arrangement of flower parts, and simple water-conducting cells.

Oxford Reference Dictionary

n. 1 any tree or shrub of the genus Magnolia, cultivated for its dark-green foliage and large waxlike flowers in spring. 2 a pale creamy-pink colour. Etymology: mod.L f. P. Magnol, Fr. botanist d. 1715

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Magnolia Mag*no"li*a, n. [NL. Named after Pierre Magnol, professor of botany at Montpellier, France, in the 17th century.] (Bot.) A genus of American and Asiatic trees, with aromatic bark and large sweet-scented whitish or reddish flowers. Note: Magnolia grandiflora has coriaceous shining leaves and very fragrant blossoms. It is common from North Carolina to Florida and Texas, and is one of the most magnificent trees of the American forest. The sweet bay (M. glauca)is a small tree found sparingly as far north as Cape Ann. Other American species are M. Umbrella, M. macrophylla, M. Fraseri, M. acuminata, and M. cordata. M. conspicua and M. purpurea are cultivated shrubs or trees from Eastern Asia. M. Campbellii, of India, has rose-colored or crimson flowers. Magnolia warbler (Zo["o]l.), a beautiful North American wood warbler (Dendroica maculosa). The rump and under parts are bright yellow; the breast and belly are spotted with black; the under tail coverts are white; the crown is ash.

Collin's Cobuild Dictionary

(magnolias) A magnolia is a kind of tree with white, pink, yellow, or purple flowers. N-COUNT


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