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grand duchess definitions

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: the wife of a grand duke or a woman holding that rank in her own right

Merriam Webster's

noun Date: circa 1757 1. a woman who rules a grand duchy in her own right 2. the wife or widow of a grand duke

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Grand cross. (a) The highest rank of knighthood in the Order of the Bath. (b) A knight grand cross. Grand cordon, the cordon or broad ribbon, identified with the highest grade in certain honorary orders; hence, a person who holds that grade. Grand days (Eng. Law), certain days in the terms which are observed as holidays in the inns of court and chancery (Candlemas, Ascension, St. John Baptist's, and All Saints' Days); called also Dies non juridici. Grand duchess. (a) The wife or widow of a grand duke. (b) A lady having the sovereignty of a duchy in her own right. (c) In Russia, a daughter of the Czar. Grand duke. (a) A sovereign duke, inferior in rank to a king; as, the Grand Duke of Tuscany. (b) In Russia, a son of the Czar. (c) (Zo["o]l.) The European great horned owl or eagle owl (Bubo maximas). Grand-guard, or Grandegarde, a piece of plate armor used in tournaments as an extra protection for the left shoulder and breast. Grand juror, a member of a grand jury. Grand jury (Law), a jury of not less than twelve men, and not more than twenty-three, whose duty it is, in private session, to examine into accusations against persons charged with crime, and if they see just cause, then to find bills of indictment against them, to be presented to the court; -- called also grand inquest. Grand juryman, a grand juror. Grand larceny. (Law) See under Larceny. Grand lodge, the chief lodge, or governing body, among Freemasons and other secret orders. Grand master. (a) The head of one of the military orders of knighthood, as the Templars, Hospitallers, etc. (b) The head of the order of Freemasons or of Good Templars, etc.


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