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End stone definitions

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

An end. (a) On end; upright; erect; endways. --Spenser (b) To the end; continuously. [Obs.] --Richardson. End bulb (Anat.), one of the bulblike bodies in which some sensory nerve fibers end in certain parts of the skin and mucous membranes; -- also called end corpuscles. End fly, a bobfly. End for end, one end for the other; in reversed order. End man, the last man in a row; one of the two men at the extremities of a line of minstrels. End on (Naut.), bow foremost. End organ (Anat.), the structure in which a nerve fiber ends, either peripherally or centrally. End plate (Anat.), one of the flat expansions in which motor nerve fibers terminate on muscular fibers. End play (Mach.), movement endwise, or room for such movement. End stone (Horol.), one of the two plates of a jewel in a timepiece; the part that limits the pivot's end play. Ends of the earth, the remotest regions of the earth. In the end, finally. --Shak. On end, upright; erect. To the end, in order. --Bacon. To make both ends meet, to live within one's income. --Fuller. To put an end to, to destroy.


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