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warp and woof definitions

Merriam Webster's

noun Date: 1842 foundation, base <the vigorous Anglo-Saxon base had become the warp and woof of English speech H. R. Warfel>

Moby Thesaurus

anatomy, architectonics, architecture, arrangement, braiding, build, building, composition, conformation, constitution, construction, creation, enlacement, entwinement, entwining, fabric, fabrication, fashion, fashioning, forging, form, format, formation, frame, getup, interknitting, interlacement, interlacery, interlacing, intertexture, interthreading, intertieing, intertwinement, intertwining, intertwisting, interweavement, interweaving, knitting, lacing, make, makeup, making, manufacture, mold, molding, organic structure, organism, organization, pattern, patterning, physique, plaiting, plan, production, setup, shape, shaping, structure, structuring, tectonics, texture, tissue, twining, twisting, warpage, weave, weaving, web, weftage, wreathing

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