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Vocalize definitions

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

VO'CALIZE, v.t. to form into voice; to make vocal.
It is one thing to give impulse to breath alone, and another to vocalize that breath.

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: utter with vibrating vocal chords [syn: voice, sound, vocalize, vocalise] [ant: devoice]
2: sing (each note a scale or in a melody) with the same vowel [syn: vocalize, vocalise]
3: pronounce as a vowel; "between two consonants, this liquid is vowelized" [syn: vocalize, vocalise, vowelize, vowelise]
4: express or state clearly [syn: articulate, enunciate, vocalize, vocalise]
5: utter speech sounds [syn: vocalize, vocalise, phonate]

Merriam Webster's

verb (-ized; -izing) Date: 1669 transitive verb 1. to give voice to ; utter; specifically sing 2. a. to make voiced rather than voiceless ; voice b. to convert to a vowel 3. to furnish (as a consonantal Hebrew or Arabic text) with vowels or vowel points intransitive verb 1. to utter vocal sounds 2. sing; specifically to sing without words vocalization noun vocalizer noun

Oxford Reference Dictionary

v. (also -ise) 1 tr. a form (a sound) or utter (a word) with the voice. b make sonant (f is vocalized into v). 2 intr. utter a vocal sound. 3 tr. write (Hebrew etc.) with vowel points. 4 intr. Mus. sing with several notes to one vowel. Derivatives: vocalization n. vocalizer n.

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Vocalize Vo"cal*ize, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Vocalized; p. pr. & vb. n. Vocalizing.] [Cf. F. vocaliser.] 1. To form into voice; to make vocal or sonant; to give intonation or resonance to. It is one thing to give an impulse to breath alone, another thing to vocalize that breath. --Holder. 2. To practice singing on the vowel sounds.

Collin's Cobuild Dictionary

(vocalizes, vocalizing, vocalized) Note: in BRIT, also use 'vocalise' 1. If you vocalize a feeling or an idea, you express it in words. Archbishop Hunthausen also vocalized his beliefs that women and homosexuals should be more active in the church. = express VERB: V n 2. When you vocalize a sound, you use your voice to make it, especially by singing it. In India and Bali students learn to vocalize music before ever picking up instruments. VERB: V n, also V

Moby Thesaurus

anthem, articulate, ballad, breathe, carol, chant, chatty, chime, chirp, chirrup, choir, chorus, come out with, communicate, convey, croon, deliver, descant, disclose, do-re-mi, emit, enunciate, express, fling off, formulate, garrulous, give, give expression, give out with, give tongue, give utterance, give voice, hum, hung, hymn, impart, intonate, intone, let out, lilt, lip, loquacious, minstrel, out with, phonate, phrase, pipe, pour forth, present, pronounce, psalm, put forth, put in words, quaver, raise, roulade, say, serenade, set forth, shake, silver-tongued, sing, sing in chorus, slick, smooth, sol-fa, solmizate, sound, talk, talkative, tell, throw off, tremolo, trill, troll, tune, tweedle, tweedledee, twit, twitter, utter, verbalize, voice, voluble, warble, well, whisper, whistle, windy, word, yodel


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