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Vernal definitions

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

VER'NAL, a. [L. vernalis, from ver, spring.]
1. Belonging to the spring; appearing in spring; as vernal bloom.
Vernal flowers are preparatives to autumnal fruits.
2. Belonging to youth, the spring of life.
Vernal signs, the signs in which the sun appears in the spring.
Vernal equinox, the equinox in spring or March; opposed to the autumnal equnox, in September.

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: suggestive of youth; vigorous and fresh; "he is young for his age" [syn: youthful, vernal, young]
2: of or characteristic of or occurring in spring; "the vernal equinox" [ant: autumnal, summery, wintery, wintry]

Merriam Webster's

adjective Etymology: Latin vernalis, alteration of vernus, from ver spring; akin to Greek ear spring, Sanskrit vasanta Date: 1530 1. of, relating to, or occurring in the spring <vernal equinox> <vernal sunshine> 2. fresh or new like the spring; also youthful vernally adverb

Oxford Reference Dictionary

adj. of, in, or appropriate to spring (vernal equinox; vernal breezes). Phrases and idioms: vernal grass a sweet-scented European grass, Anthoxanthum odoratum, grown for hay. Derivatives: vernally adv. Etymology: L vernalis f. vernus f. ver spring

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Vernal Ver"nal, a. [L. vernalis, fr. vernus vernal, ver spring; akin to Gr. ?, Skr. vasanta, Icel. v[=a]r, and E. Easter, east.] 1. Of or pertaining to the spring; appearing in the spring; as, vernal bloom. 2. Fig.: Belonging to youth, the spring of life. When after the long vernal day of life. --Thomson. And seems it hard thy vernal years Few vernal joys can show? --Keble.

Moby Thesaurus

aestival, arctic, autumn, autumnal, beryl-green, berylline, blue-green, bluish-green, boreal, brumal, budding, callow, canicular, chartreuse, chloranemic, chlorine, chlorotic, citrine, citrinous, dewy, emerald, equinoctial, ever-new, evergreen, firsthand, fledgling, foliaged, fresh, glaucescent, glaucous, glaucous-green, grassy, green, green as grass, green-blue, greenish, greenish-blue, greenish-yellow, greensick, growing, hibernal, hiemal, holly, immature, impubic, inexperienced, ingenuous, innocent, intact, ivy, ivy-green, juicy, leafy, leaved, maiden, maidenly, midsummer, midwinter, minor, naive, neoteric, nestling, new, new-fledged, olivaceous, olive, olive-green, original, out of season, porraceous, pristine, raw, ripening, sappy, seasonal, sempervirent, smaragdine, solstitial, spring, springlike, summer, summerlike, summerly, summery, tender, unadult, unbeaten, underage, undeveloped, unfledged, unformed, unhandled, unlicked, unmellowed, unripe, unseasoned, untouched, untried, untrodden, unused, verdant, verdurous, vernant, vert, virescent, virgin, virginal, winter, winterlike, wintery, wintry, yellowish-green, young

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