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Under the lee of definitions

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Lee Lee, n. [OE. lee shelter, Icel. hl[=e], akin to AS. hle['o], hle['o]w, shelter, protection, OS. hl[`e]o, D. lij lee, Sw. l["a], Dan. l[ae].] 1. A sheltered place; esp., a place protected from the wind by some object; the side sheltered from the wind; shelter; protection; as, the lee of a mountain, an island, or a ship. We lurked under lee. --Morte d'Arthure. Desiring me to take shelter in his lee. --Tyndall. 2. (Naut.) That part of the hemisphere, as one stands on shipboard, toward which the wind blows. See Lee, a. By the lee, To bring by the lee. See under By, and Bring. Under the lee of, on that side which is sheltered from the wind; as, to be under the lee of a ship.


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