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Under the harrow definitions

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Harrow Har"row (h[a^]r"r[-o]), n. [OE. harowe, harwe, AS. hearge; cf. D. hark rake, G. harke, Icel. herfi harrow, Dan. harve, Sw. harf. [root]16.] 1. An implement of agriculture, usually formed of pieces of timber or metal crossing each other, and set with iron or wooden teeth. It is drawn over plowed land to level it and break the clods, to stir the soil and make it fine, or to cover seed when sown. 2. (Mil.) An obstacle formed by turning an ordinary harrow upside down, the frame being buried. Bush harrow, a kind of light harrow made of bushes, for harrowing grass lands and covering seeds, or to finish the work of a toothed harrow. Drill harrow. See under 6th Drill. Under the harrow, subjected to actual torture with a toothed instrument, or to great affliction or oppression.

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