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Toll dish definitions

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Toll Toll, n. [OE. tol, AS. toll; akin to OS. & D. tol, G. zoll, OHG. zol, Icel. tollr, Sw. tull, Dan. told, and also to E. tale; -- originally, that which is counted out in payment. See Tale number.] 1. A tax paid for some liberty or privilege, particularly for the privilege of passing over a bridge or on a highway, or for that of vending goods in a fair, market, or the like. 2. (Sax. & O. Eng. Law) A liberty to buy and sell within the bounds of a manor. 3. A portion of grain taken by a miller as a compensation for grinding. Toll and team (O. Eng. Law), the privilege of having a market, and jurisdiction of villeins. --Burrill. Toll bar, a bar or beam used on a canal for stopping boats at the tollhouse, or on a road for stopping passengers. Toll bridge, a bridge where toll is paid for passing over it. Toll corn, corn taken as pay for grinding at a mill. Toll dish, a dish for measuring toll in mills. Toll gatherer, a man who takes, or gathers, toll. Toll hop, a toll dish. [Obs.] --Crabb. Toll thorough (Eng. Law), toll taken by a town for beasts driven through it, or over a bridge or ferry maintained at its cost. --Brande & C. Toll traverse (Eng. Law), toll taken by an individual for beasts driven across his ground; toll paid by a person for passing over the private ground, bridge, ferry, or the like, of another. Toll turn (Eng. Law), a toll paid at the return of beasts from market, though they were not sold. --Burrill. Syn: Tax; custom; duty; impost.


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