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To lay in for definitions

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Lay Lay, v. i. 1. To produce and deposit eggs. 2. (Naut.) To take a position; to come or go; as, to lay forward; to lay aloft. 3. To lay a wager; to bet. To lay about, or To lay about one, to strike vigorously in all directions. --J. H. Newman. To lay at, to strike or strike at. --Spenser. To lay for, to prepare to capture or assault; to lay wait for. [Colloq.] --Bp Hall. To lay in for, to make overtures for; to engage or secure the possession of. [Obs.] ``I have laid in for these.'' --Dryden. To lay on, to strike; to beat; to attack. --Shak. To lay out, to purpose; to plan; as, he lays out to make a journey.

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