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To do violence to definitions

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Violence Vi"o*lence, n. [F., fr. L. violentia. See Violent.] 1. The quality or state of being violent; highly excited action, whether physical or moral; vehemence; impetuosity; force. That seal You ask with such a violence, the king, Mine and your master, with his own hand gave me. --Shak. All the elements At least had gone to wrack, disturbed and torn With the violence of this conflict. --Milton. 2. Injury done to that which is entitled to respect, reverence, or observance; profanation; infringement; unjust force; outrage; assault. Do violence to do man. --Luke iii. 14. We can not, without offering violence to all records, divine and human, deny an universal deluge. --T. Burnet. Looking down, he saw The whole earth filled with violence. --Milton. 3. Ravishment; rape; constupration. To do violence on, to attack; to murder. ``She . . . did violence on herself.'' --Shak. To do violence to, to outrage; to injure; as, he does violence to his own opinions. Syn: Vehemence; outrage; fierceness; eagerness; violation; infraction; infringement; transgression; oppression.

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