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String definitions

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

STRING, n. [G., L., drawing, stretching.]
1. A small rope, line or cord, or a slender strip of lether or other like substance, used for fastening or tying things.
2. A ribin.
Round Ormonds knee thou tyst the mystic string.
3. A thread on which any thing is filed; and hence, a line of things; as a string of shells or beads.
4. The chord of a musical instrument, as of a harpsichord, harp or violin; as an instrument of ten strings.
5. A fiber, as of a plant.
Duck weed putteth forth a little string into the water, from the bottom.
6. A nerve or tendon of an animal body.
The string of his tongue was loosed. Mark 7.
[This is not a technical word.]
7. The line or cord of a bow.
He twangs the quivring string.
8. A series of things connected or following in succession; any concatenation of things; as a string of arguments; a string of propositions.
9. In ship-building, the highest range of planks in a ships ceiling, or that between the gunwale and the upper edge of the upper deck ports.
10. The tough substance that unites the two parts of the pericarp of leguminous plants; as the strings of beans.
To have two strings to the bow, to have two expedients for executing a project or gaining a purpose; to have a double advantage, or to have two views. [In the latter sense, unusual.]
STRING, v.t. pret. and pp. strung.
1. To furnish with strings.
Has not wise nature strung the legs and feet?
2. To put in tune a stringed instrument.
For here the muse so oft her harp has strung--
3. To file; to put on a line; as, to string beads or pearls.
4. To make tense; to strengthen.
Toil strung the nerves, and purified the blood.
5. To deprive of strings; as, to string beans.

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: a lightweight cord [syn: string, twine]
2: stringed instruments that are played with a bow; "the strings played superlatively well" [syn: bowed stringed instrument, string]
3: a tightly stretched cord of wire or gut, which makes sound when plucked, struck, or bowed
4: a sequentially ordered set of things or events or ideas in which each successive member is related to the preceding; "a string of islands"; "train of mourners"; "a train of thought" [syn: string, train]
5: a linear sequence of symbols (characters or words or phrases)
6: a tie consisting of a cord that goes through a seam around an opening; "he pulled the drawstring and closed the bag" [syn: drawstring, drawing string, string]
7: a tough piece of fiber in vegetables, meat, or other food (especially the tough fibers connecting the two halves of a bean pod)
8: (cosmology) a hypothetical one-dimensional subatomic particle having a concentration of energy and the dynamic properties of a flexible loop [syn: string, cosmic string]
9: a collection of objects threaded on a single strand
10: a necklace made by a stringing objects together; "a string of beads"; "a strand of pearls"; [syn: chain, string, strand] v
1: thread on or as if on a string; "string pearls on a string"; "the child drew glass beads on a string"; "thread dried cranberries" [syn: string, thread, draw]
2: add as if on a string; "string these ideas together"; "string up these songs and you'll have a musical" [syn: string, string up]
3: move or come along [syn: string, string along]
4: stretch out or arrange like a string
5: string together; tie or fasten with a string; "string the package"
6: remove the stringy parts of; "string beans"
7: provide with strings; "string my guitar" [ant: unstring]

Merriam Webster's

I. noun Etymology: Middle English, from Old English streng; akin to Old High German strang rope, Latin stringere to bind tight more at strain Date: before 12th century 1. a. a cord usually used to bind, fasten, or tie often used attributively <a string bag> b. something that resembles a string <garnished with potato strings> 2. a. archaic a cord (as a tendon or ligament) of an animal body b. a plant fiber (as a leaf vein) 3. a. the gut, wire, or nylon cord of a musical instrument b. plural (1) the stringed instruments of an orchestra (2) the players of such instruments 4. the gut, wire, or cord of a racket or shooting bow 5. a. a group of objects threaded on a string <a string of fish> <a string of pearls> b. (1) a series of things arranged in or as if in a line <a string of cars> <a string of names> (2) a sequence of like items (as bits, characters, or words) c. a group of business properties scattered geographically <a string of newspapers> d. the animals and especially horses belonging to or used by one individual 6. a. a means of recourse ; expedient b. a group of players ranked according to skill or proficiency 7. succession 3a <a string of successes> 8. one of the inclined sides of a stair supporting the treads and risers 9. a. balkline 1 b. the action of lagging for break in billiards 10. line 13 11. plural a. contingent conditions or obligations b. control, domination 12. a hypothetical one-dimensional object that is infinitely thin but has a length of 10-33 centimeters, that vibrates as it moves through space, and whose mode of vibration manifests itself as a subatomic particle stringless adjective II. verb (strung; stringing) Date: 15th century transitive verb 1. a. to equip with strings b. to tune the strings of 2. to make tense ; key up 3. a. to thread on or as if on a string b. to thread with objects c. to tie, hang, or fasten with string d. to put together (as words or ideas) like objects threaded on a string <strung her thoughts together> 4. to hang by the neck used with up 5. to remove the strings of <string beans> 6. a. to extend or stretch like a string <string wires from tree to tree> b. to set out in a line or series often used with out intransitive verb 1. to move, progress, or lie in a string 2. to form into strings 3. lag 3 III. adjective Date: 15th century of or relating to stringed musical instruments <the string section>

Oxford Reference Dictionary

n. & v. --n. 1 twine or narrow cord. 2 a piece of this or of similar material used for tying or holding together, pulling, etc. 3 a length of catgut or wire etc. on a musical instrument, producing a note by vibration. 4 a (in pl.) the stringed instruments in an orchestra etc. b (attrib.) relating to or consisting of stringed instruments (string quartet). 5 (in pl.) an awkward condition or complication (the offer has no strings). 6 a set of things strung together; a series or line of persons or things (a string of beads; a string of oaths). 7 a group of racehorses trained at one stable. 8 a tough piece connecting the two halves of a bean-pod etc. 9 a piece of catgut etc. interwoven with others to form the head of a tennis etc. racket. 10 = STRINGBOARD. --v. (past and past part. strung) 1 tr. supply with a string or strings. 2 tr. tie with string. 3 tr. thread (beads etc.) on a string. 4 tr. arrange in or as a string. 5 tr. remove the strings from (a bean). 6 tr. place a string ready for use on (a bow). 7 tr. colloq. hoax. 8 intr. (of glue etc.) become stringy. 9 intr. Billiards make the preliminary strokes that decide which player begins. Phrases and idioms: on a string under one's control or influence. string along colloq. 1 deceive, esp. by appearing to comply with (a person). 2 (often foll. by with) keep company (with). string bass Mus. a double-bass. string bean 1 any of various beans eaten in their fibrous pods, esp. runner beans or French beans. 2 colloq. a tall thin person. string-course a raised horizontal band or course of bricks etc. on a building. string out extend; prolong (esp. unduly). string-piece a long timber supporting and connecting the parts of a framework. string tie a very narrow necktie. string up 1 hang up on strings etc. 2 kill by hanging. 3 make tense. string vest a vest with large meshes. Derivatives: stringless adj. stringlike adj. Etymology: OE streng f. Gmc: cf. STRONG

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

String String, n. 1. (a) In various indoor games, a score or tally, sometimes, as in American billiard games, marked by buttons threaded on a string or wire. (b) In various games, competitions, etc., a certain number of turns at play, of rounds, etc. 2. (Billiards & Pool) (a) The line from behind and over which the cue ball must be played after being out of play as by being pocketed or knocked off the table; -- called also string line. (b) Act of stringing for break. 3. A hoax; a trumped-up or ``fake'' story. [Slang]

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

String String, v. t. To hoax; josh; jolly. [Slang]

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

String String, v. i. To form into a string or strings, as a substance which is stretched, or people who are moving along, etc.

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

String String (str[i^]ng), n. [OE. string, streng, AS. streng; akin to D. streng, G. strang, Icel. strengr, Sw. str["a]ng, Dan. str[ae]ng; probably from the adj., E. strong (see Strong); or perhaps originally meaning, twisted, and akin to E. strangle.] 1. A small cord, a line, a twine, or a slender strip of leather, or other substance, used for binding together, fastening, or tying things; a cord, larger than a thread and smaller than a rope; as, a shoe string; a bonnet string; a silken string. --Shak. Round Ormond's knee thou tiest the mystic string. --Prior. 2. A thread or cord on which a number of objects or parts are strung or arranged in close and orderly succession; hence, a line or series of things arranged on a thread, or as if so arranged; a succession; a concatenation; a chain; as, a string of shells or beads; a string of dried apples; a string of houses; a string of arguments. ``A string of islands.'' --Gibbon. 3. A strip, as of leather, by which the covers of a book are held together. --Milton. 4. The cord of a musical instrument, as of a piano, harp, or violin; specifically (pl.), the stringed instruments of an orchestra, in distinction from the wind instruments; as, the strings took up the theme. ``An instrument of ten strings.'' --Ps. xxx. iii. 2. Me softer airs befit, and softer strings Of lute, or viol still. --Milton. 5. The line or cord of a bow. --Ps. xi. 2. He twangs the grieving string. --Pope. 6. A fiber, as of a plant; a little, fibrous root. Duckweed putteth forth a little string into the water, from the bottom. --Bacon. 7. A nerve or tendon of an animal body. The string of his tongue was loosed. --Mark vii. 35. 8. (Shipbuilding) An inside range of ceiling planks, corresponding to the sheer strake on the outside and bolted to it. 9. (Bot.) The tough fibrous substance that unites the valves of the pericap of leguminous plants, and which is readily pulled off; as, the strings of beans. 10. (Mining) A small, filamentous ramification of a metallic vein. --Ure. 11. (Arch.) Same as Stringcourse. 12. (Billiards) The points made in a game. String band (Mus.), a band of musicians using only, or chiefly, stringed instruments. String beans. (a) A dish prepared from the unripe pods of several kinds of beans; -- so called because the strings are stripped off. (b) Any kind of beans in which the pods are used for cooking before the seeds are ripe; usually, the low bush bean. To have two strings to one's bow, to have a means or expedient in reserve in case the one employed fails.

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

String String (str[i^]ng), v. t. [imp. Strung (str[u^]ng); p. p. Strung (R. Stringed (str[i^]ngd)); p. pr. & vb. n. Stringing.] 1. To furnish with strings; as, to string a violin. Has not wise nature strung the legs and feet With firmest nerves, designed to walk the street? --Gay. 2. To put in tune the strings of, as a stringed instrument, in order to play upon it. For here the Muse so oft her harp has strung, That not a mountain rears its head unsung. --Addison. 3. To put on a string; to file; as, to string beads. 4. To make tense; to strengthen. Toil strung the nerves, and purified the blood. --Dryden. 5. To deprive of strings; to strip the strings from; as, to string beans. See String, n., 9.

Collin's Cobuild Dictionary

(strings, stringing, strung) Frequency: The word is one of the 3000 most common words in English. 1. String is thin rope made of twisted threads, used for tying things together or tying up parcels. He held out a small bag tied with string. ...a shiny metallic coin on a string. N-VAR 2. A string of things is a number of them on a piece of string, thread, or wire. She wore a string of pearls around her neck. ...a string of fairy lights. N-COUNT: usu N of n 3. A string of places or objects is a number of them that form a line. The landscape is broken only by a string of villages... A string of five rowing boats set out from the opposite bank. N-COUNT: usu sing, usu N of n 4. A string of similar events is a series of them that happen one after the other. The incident was the latest in a string of attacks... N-COUNT: usu sing, usu N of n 5. The strings on a musical instrument such as a violin or guitar are the thin pieces of wire or nylon stretched across it that make sounds when the instrument is played. He went off to change a guitar string. ...a twenty-one-string harp. N-COUNT 6. The strings are the section of an orchestra which consists of stringed instruments played with a bow. The strings provided a melodic background to the passages played by the soloist... There was a 20-member string section. N-PLURAL: oft N n 7. In computing, a string is a particular series of letters, numbers, symbols, or spaces, for example a word or phrase that you want to search for in a document. N-COUNT 8. If you string something somewhere, you hang it up between two or more objects. He had strung a banner across the wall. VERB: V n prep/adv String up means the same as string. People were stringing up decorations on the fronts of their homes. PHRASAL VERB: V P n (not pron), also V n P 9. see also highly strung, purse strings, second string, strung out 10. If something is offered to you with no strings attached or with no strings, it is offered without any special conditions. Aid should be given to developing countries with no strings attached. ...no-strings grants that last for five years. PHRASE 11. If you pull strings, you use your influence with other people in order to get something done, often unfairly. PHRASE: V inflects

Soule's Dictionary of English Synonyms

I. n. 1. Line, cord, thread, twine. 2. Ribbon, fillet. 3. Row, file, series, concatenation. 4. Chord. 5. Fibre. 6. Nerve, tendon, sinew. II. v. a. 1. File, put on a string. 2. Set in a row, put in line. 3. Strengthen, fortify, make firm, make tense.

Moby Thesaurus

A string, Amati, Cremona, D string, E string, G string, Indian file, Strad, Stradivari, Stradivarius, age group, agree, array, articulation, atone, attune, authority, band, bank, bar, bass, bass viol, battalion, be continuous, bevy, bluff, body, boundary condition, bow, braid, brail, bridge, brigade, bull fiddle, bunch, buzz, cabal, cable, caravan, cast, catch, catches, catena, catenate, catenation, catgut, cavalcade, cello, chain, chain reaction, chaining, chaplet, cheat, choker, chord, clause, clique, cohort, collaborate, column, command, company, complement, concatenate, concatenation, concur, condition, conditions, connect, connect up, connection, consecution, contingent, continuate, continue, continuum, contrabass, control, cord, corps, cortege, coterie, course, covey, crew, crowd, cycle, deceive, delay, dernier ressort, descent, detachment, detail, division, dominate, domination, donnee, doorstep, double bass, drag out, drape, dress parade, drone, dupe, echelon, eight, eleven, endless belt, endless round, entry, escalator clause, escape clause, escape hatch, exception, exert influence, expedient, extend, faction, favorite, festoon, fiddle, fiddlebow, fiddlestick, fiddlestring, filament, file, filiation, fine print, fingerboard, first string, first team, five, fleet, flyover, follow, fool, footrest, footstep, form a series, funeral, gamut, gang, given, go along with, gradation, grounds, group, grouping, groupment, hang, hoax, hold the reins, horsehair, hum, in-group, join, joker, junta, jurisdiction, kicker, kit, kit fiddle, kit violin, lead, leader, leash, ligament, ligation, ligature, limitations, limiting condition, line, lineage, linguistic act, link, locution, loop, lynch, maintain continuity, makeshift, manipulate, march past, mastery, might, mob, monotone, motorcade, movement, mudder, mule train, necklace, nexus, nine, nylon string, obligation, operate, order, out-group, outfit, pack, pack train, parade, parameter, parol, parole, party, peer group, pendulum, periodicity, phalanx, phonation, plate horse, plater, platoon, plenum, pole horse, pomp, pony, posse, postpone, powder train, prerequisite, procession, progression, promenade, protract, provision, provisions, proviso, pull the strings, put in tune, qualification, queue, race horse, racer, range, rank, reach, recourse, recurrence, refuge, regiment, requisite, reservation, reserves, resort, rest, reticulation, review, riser, rope, rotation, round, routine, row, rowing crew, run, run on, rundle, rung, salon, saving clause, scale, scroll, second string, second team, sequel, sequence, sequence of phonemes, series, set, shift, sine qua non, single file, skimmington, sling, small print, soundboard, speaking, specification, spectrum, speech act, spin out, spoke, spun yarn, squad, stable, stair, stake horse, staker, starter, stave, steel string, steeplechaser, step, step stool, stepping-stone, stipulation, stipulations, stopgap, strand, stream, stretch, string along, string out, string together, string up, strings, strip, stripe, substitute, succession, suspend, swath, sway, team, tendon, tenor violin, term, terms, the spoken word, third string, thong, thread, tier, tone down, tone up, tongue, train, tread, tribe, trick, troop, troupe, tune, tune up, tuning peg, twine, twist, ultimatum, utterance, utterance string, varsity, viola, violin, violinette, violoncello, violoncello piccolo, violone, violotta, vocable, voice, whereas, windrow, wing, wire, word, word of mouth, wound string, wreath, yarn


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