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Straight definitions

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

STRAIGHT, a. [L., formed from the root of reach, stretch, right. It is customary to write straight, for direct or right, and strait, for narrow, but this is a practice wholly arbitrary, both being the same word. Strait we use in the sense in which it is used in the south of Europe. Both sense proceed from stretching, straining.]
1. Right, in a mathematical sense; direct; passing from one point to another by the nearest course; not deviating or crooked; as a straight line; a straight course; a straight piece of timber.
2. Narrow; close; tight; as a straight garment. [See strait, as it is generally written.]
3. Upright; according with justice and rectitude; not deviating from truth or fairness.
STRAIGHT, adv. Immediately; directly; in the shortest time.
I know thy generous temper well; fling but the appearance of dishonor on it, it straight takes fire, and mounts into a blaze.

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: successive (without a break); "sick for five straight days" [syn: straight, consecutive]
2: having no deviations; "straight lines"; "straight roads across the desert"; "straight teeth"; "straight shoulders" [ant: crooked]
3: (of hair) having no waves or curls; "her naturally straight hair hung long and silky" [ant: curly]
4: erect in posture; "sit straight"; "stood defiantly with unbowed back" [syn: straight, unbent, unbowed]
5: in keeping with the facts; "set the record straight"; "made sure the facts were straight in the report"
6: characterized by honesty and fairness; "straight dealing"; "a square deal" [syn: straight, square] [ant: corrupt, crooked]
7: no longer coiled [syn: uncoiled, straight] [ant: coiled]
8: free from curves or angles; "a straight line" [ant: curved, curving]
9: neatly arranged; not disorderly; "the room is straight now"
10: not homosexual
11: accurately fitted; level; "the window frame isn't quite true" [syn: true, straight]
12: without evasion or compromise; "a square contradiction"; "he is not being as straightforward as it appears" [syn: square, straightforward, straight]
13: without water; "took his whiskey neat" [syn: neat, straight, full-strength]
14: following a correct or logical method; "straight reasoning"
15: rigidly conventional or old-fashioned [syn: square, straight] n
1: a heterosexual person; someone having a sexual orientation to persons of the opposite sex [syn: heterosexual, heterosexual person, straight person, straight]
2: a poker hand with 5 consecutive cards (regardless of suit)
3: a straight segment of a roadway or racecourse [syn: straightaway, straight] adv
1: without deviation; "the path leads directly to the lake"; "went direct to the office" [syn: directly, straight, direct]
2: in a forthright manner; candidly or frankly; "he didn't answer directly"; "told me straight out"; "came out flat for less work and more pay" [syn: directly, flat, straight] [ant: indirectly]
3: in a straight line; in a direct course; "the road runs straight"

Merriam Webster's

I. adjective Etymology: Middle English streght, straight, from past participle of strecchen to stretch more at stretch Date: 14th century 1. a. free from curves, bends, angles, or irregularities <straight hair> <straight timber> b. generated by a point moving continuously in the same direction and expressed by a linear equation <a straight line> <the straight segment of a curve> 2. a. lying along or holding to a direct or proper course or method <a straight thinker> b. candid, frank <a straight answer> c. coming directly from a trustworthy source <a straight tip on the horses> d. (1) having the elements in an order <the straight sequence of events> (2) consecutive <12 straight days> e. having the cylinders arranged in a single straight line <a straight 8-cylinder engine> f. plumb, vertical <the picture isn't quite straight> 3. a. exhibiting honesty and fairness <straight dealing> b. properly ordered or arranged <set the kitchen straight> <set us straight on that issue>; also correct <get the facts straight> c. free from extraneous matter ; unmixed <straight whiskey> d. marked by no exceptions or deviations in support of a principle or party <votes a straight Democratic ticket> e. having a fixed price for each regardless of the number sold f. not deviating from an indicated pattern <writes straight humor> <a straight-A student> g. (1) exhibiting no deviation from what is established or accepted as usual, normal, or proper ; conventional; also square 5f (2) not using or under the influence of drugs or alcohol h. heterosexual 4. being the only form of remuneration <on straight commission> straightish adjective straightly adverb straightness noun II. adverb Date: 14th century in a straight manner <came straight home from work> III. transitive verb Date: 15th century chiefly Scottish straighten IV. noun Date: 1645 1. something that is straight: as a. a straight line or arrangement b. straightaway; especially homestretch c. a true or honest report or course 2. a. a sequence (as of shots, strokes, or moves) resulting in a perfect score in a game or contest b. first place at the finish of a horse race ; win 3. a poker hand containing five cards in sequence but not of the same suit see poker illustration 4. a person who adheres to conventional attitudes and mores

Oxford Reference Dictionary

adj., n., & adv. --adj. 1 a extending uniformly in the same direction; without a curve or bend etc. b Geom. (of a line) lying on the shortest path between any two of its points. 2 successive, uninterrupted (three straight wins). 3 in proper order or place or condition; duly arranged; level, symmetrical (is the picture straight?; put things straight). 4 honest, candid; not evasive (a straight answer). 5 (of thinking etc.) logical, unemotional. 6 (of drama etc.) serious as opposed to popular or comic; employing the conventional techniques of its art form. 7 a unmodified. b (of a drink) undiluted. 8 colloq. (of music) classical. 9 colloq. a (of a person etc.) conventional or respectable. b heterosexual. 10 (of an arch) flat-topped. 11 (of a person's back) not bowed. 12 (of the hair) not curly or wavy. 13 (of a knee) not bent. 14 (of the legs) not bandy or knock-kneed. 15 (of a garment) not flared. 16 coming direct from its source. 17 (of an aim, look, blow, or course) going direct to the mark. --n. 1 the straight part of something, esp. the concluding stretch of a racecourse. 2 a straight condition. 3 a sequence of five cards in poker. 4 colloq. a conventional person; a heterosexual. --adv. 1 in a straight line; direct; without deviation or hesitation or circumlocution (came straight from Paris; I told them straight). 2 in the right direction, with a good aim (shoot straight). 3 correctly (can't see straight). 4 archaic at once or immediately. Phrases and idioms: go straight live an honest life after being a criminal. the straight and narrow morally correct behaviour. straight angle an angle of 180(0). straight away at once; immediately. straight-bred not cross-bred. straight-cut (of tobacco) cut lengthwise into long silky fibres. straight-edge a bar with one edge accurately straight, used for testing. straight-eight 1 an internal-combustion engine with eight cylinders in line. 2 a vehicle having this. straight eye the ability to detect deviation from the straight. straight face an intentionally expressionless face, esp. avoiding a smile though amused. straight-faced having a straight face. straight fight Brit. Polit. a direct contest between two candidates. straight flush see FLUSH(3). straight from the shoulder 1 (of a blow) well delivered. 2 (of a verbal attack) frank or direct. straight man a comedian's stooge. straight off colloq. without hesitation, deliberation, etc. (cannot tell you straight off). straight-out US 1 uncompromising. 2 straightforward, genuine. straight razor US a cutthroat razor. Derivatives: straightly adv. straightness n. Etymology: ME, past part. of STRETCH

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Straight Straight, a. A variant of Strait, a. [Obs. or R.] Egypt is a long country, but it is straight, that is to say, narrow. --Sir J. Mandeville.

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Straight Straight, a. [Compar. Straighter; superl. Straightest.] [OE. strei?t, properly p. p. of strecchen to stretch, AS. streht, p. p. of streccan to stretch, to extend. See Stretch.] 1. Right, in a mathematical sense; passing from one point to another by the nearest course; direct; not deviating or crooked; as, a straight line or course; a straight piece of timber. And the crooked shall be made straight. --Isa. xl. 4. There are many several sorts of crooked lines, but there is only one which is straight. --Dryden. 2. (Bot.) Approximately straight; not much curved; as, straight ribs are such as pass from the base of a leaf to the apex, with a small curve. 3. (Card Playing) Composed of cards which constitute a regular sequence, as the ace, king, queen, jack, and ten-spot; as, a straight hand; a straight flush.

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Straight Straight, adv. In a straight manner; directly; rightly; forthwith; immediately; as, the arrow went straight to the mark. ``Floating straight.'' --Shak. I know thy generous temper well; Fling but the appearance of dishonor on it, It straight takes fire, and mounts into a blaze. --Addison. Everything was going on straight. --W. Black.

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Straight Straight, n. (Poker) A hand of five cards in consecutive order as to value; a sequence. When they are of one suit, it is calles straight flush.

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Straight Straight, v. t. To straighten. [R.] --A Smith.

Collin's Cobuild Dictionary

(straighter, straightest, straights) Frequency: The word is one of the 1500 most common words in English. 1. A straight line or edge continues in the same direction and does not bend or curve. Keep the boat in a straight line... Using the straight edge as a guide, trim the cloth to size... There wasn't a single straight wall in the building. ADJ Straight is also an adverb. Stand straight and stretch the left hand to the right foot... ADV: ADV after v 2. Straight hair has no curls or waves in it. Grace had long straight dark hair which she wore in a bun. ADJ: usu ADJ n 3. You use straight to indicate that the way from one place to another is very direct, with no changes of direction. The ball fell straight to the feet of Klinsmann... He finished his conversation and stood up, looking straight at me... Straight ahead were the low cabins of the motel. ADV: ADV prep/adv 4. If you go straight to a place, you go there immediately. As always, we went straight to the experts for advice... ADV: ADV prep/adv 5. If you give someone a straight answer, you answer them clearly and honestly. What a shifty arguer he is, refusing ever to give a straight answer. ADJ: ADJ n Straight is also an adverb. I lost my temper and told him straight that I hadn't been looking for any job. ADV: ADV after v 6. Straight means following one after the other, with no gaps or intervals. They'd won 12 straight games before they lost. ADJ: ADJ n Straight is also an adverb. He called from Weddington, having been there for 31 hours straight. ADV: n ADV 7. A straight choice or a straight fight involves only two people or things. It's a straight choice between low-paid jobs and no jobs... ADJ: ADJ n 8. If you describe someone as straight, you mean that they are normal and conventional, for example in their opinions and in the way they live. Dorothy was described as a very straight woman, a very strict Christian who was married to her job. ADJ 9. If you describe someone as straight, you mean that they are heterosexual rather than homosexual. (INFORMAL) His sexual orientation was a lot more gay than straight... ? gay ADJ: usu v-link ADJ Straight is also a noun. ...a standard of sexual conduct that applies equally to gays and straights. N-COUNT 10. A straight drink, especially an alcoholic drink, has not had another liquid such as water added to it. ...a large straight whiskey without ice... = neat ADJ: ADJ n, v n ADJ 11. On a racetrack, a straight is a section of the track that is straight, rather than curved. I went to overtake him on the back straight on the last lap. N-COUNT see also home straight 12. If you get something straight, you make sure that you understand it properly or that someone else does. (SPOKEN) Let's get things straight. I didn't lunch with her. PHRASE: V inflects 13. If a criminal is going straight, they are no longer involved in crime. PHRASE: V inflects 14. If something keeps people on the straight and narrow, it helps to keep them living an honest or healthy life. All her efforts to keep him on the straight and narrow have been rewarded. PHRASE: PHR after v 15. a straight face: see face to set the record straight: see record

Soule's Dictionary of English Synonyms

I. a. 1. Rectilinear, direct, short, near, right, undeviating, unswerving. 2. Vertical, upright, erect, perpendicular, right. 3. Tight, narrow, close. See strait. 4. Just, fair, honorable, straightforward, honest, equitable. II. ad. Immediately, directly, forthwith, straightway, at once, without delay.

Moby Thesaurus

OK, aboveboard, absolute, absolutely, accordant, accurate, accurately, ace, admitting no exception, agreed, air line, all right, all-embracing, all-encompassing, all-out, all-pervading, amorous, anal, angelic, arranged, arrowlike, articulated, artless, at once, authentic, away, axis, bare, beeline, best bower, bluff, blunt, bona fide, born, bourgeois, bower, broad, broad-based, brusque, button-down, candid, candidly, cards, carnal, categorical, catenated, ceaseless, chord, clarified, clean, clear, clubs, complete, composed, comprehensive, compulsive, concatenated, concentrated, conclusive, concordant, conformist, congenital, connected, constant, consummate, continual, continued, continuing, continuous, conventional, correct, correctly, corresponding, cyclical, dead, dead ahead, dead right, dead straight, decent, decided, decisive, deck, deep-dyed, definite, definitely, definitive, dependable, determinate, deuce, diagonal, diameter, diamonds, direct, direct line, directly, directrix, distilled, down the alley, downright, due, due north, dummy, dyed-in-the-wool, edge, egregious, emotionless, endless, entire, equitable, erect, erogenic, erogenous, erotic, erotogenic, even, exactly, exhaustive, explicit, explicitly, express, expressly, face cards, fair, fair and square, faithfully, faithworthy, faultless, faultlessly, featureless, final, fixed, flat, flat-out, flawless, flawlessly, fleshly, flush, formalistic, forthright, forthwith, foursquare, frank, frankhearted, free, free-speaking, free-spoken, free-tongued, full, full house, gamic, gapless, genuine, global, godly, good, good-faith, great-circle course, hand, harmonious, heart-to-heart, hearts, heterosexual, honest, honestly, honorable, horizontal, immediate, immediately, impassive, implicit, in a beeline, in a line, in accord, in all respects, in every respect, in keeping, in line, in line with, in order, in step, inappealable, incessant, incorruptible, indisputable, ingenuous, instanter, instantly, intensive, interminable, inviolable, ipsissimis verbis, irreversible, jack, joined, jointless, joker, just, just right, just so, kerplunk, king, knave, kosher, left bower, legitimate, letter-perfect, level, libidinal, lineal, linear, linked, literally, literatim, meticulous, monotonous, moral, naked, neat, never-ending, no-nonsense, nonstop, normal, now, nuptial, okay, omnibus, omnipresent, on the beam, on the level, on the square, on the straight, on the up-and-up, one-way, open, open and aboveboard, openhearted, orderly, organized, orthodox, out-and-out, outright, outspoken, oversexed, pack, pair, pedantic, peremptory, perennial, perfect, perfectly, periodic, perpendicular, pervasive, picture cards, plain, plain dealing, plain-spoken, plainly, plastic, playing cards, plop, plumb, plump, plunk, point-blank, positive, positively, potent, precisely, precisianistic, procreative, promptly, proper, properly, proven, pure, purified, queen, radical, radius, radius vector, rectified, rectilineal, rectilinear, recurrent, regular, reliable, repetitive, respectable, responsible, right, right away, right line, right off, right-minded, righteous, rightly, rigidly, rigorously, round, round-the-clock, royal flush, rubber, ruff, ruler-straight, running, saintlike, saintly, seamless, secant, sedate, segment, sensual, seraphic, serious, serried, settled, sex, sexed, sexlike, sexual, sexy, sheer, shipshape, shortcut, sic, side, simple, simply, sincere, single-hearted, singleton, smack, smack-dab, smooth, so, sober, spades, spang, spruce, square, square-dealing, square-shooting, squarely, stable, staid, steady, straight across, straight ahead, straight course, straight line, straight stretch, straight up, straight-cut, straight-front, straight-out, straight-shooting, straight-side, straight-up-and-down, straightaway, straightforward, straightforwardly, straightforwards, straightly, straightway, streamline, streamlined, strictly, strong, stuffy, summarily, sure, sweeping, taciturn, tangent, tested, thorough, thoroughgoing, through, through-and-through, tidy, to be trusted, to the letter, total, traditionalist, transparent, transversal, trey, trick, tried, tried and true, true, trump, trustable, trustworthy, trusty, twenty-four-hour, ubiquitous, unadulterated, unalloyed, unaltered, unambiguous, unambiguously, unbending, unbent, unblended, unbowed, unbroken, unceasing, unchecked, uncircumscribed, uncombined, uncompounded, unconditional, unconstrained, uncorrupted, uncurved, uncut, undeflected, undersexed, undeviating, undeviatingly, undifferentiated, undiluted, undistorted, undoubting, unembellished, unemotional, unending, unequivocal, unequivocally, unerringly, unfalse, unfortified, unguarded, unhampered, unhesitating, unidirectional, uniform, unintermitted, unintermittent, unintermitting, uninterrupted, universal, unleavened, unlimited, unmingled, unmistakable, unmitigated, unmixed, unmodified, unperfidious, unqualified, unquestioning, unrelieved, unremitting, unreserved, unrestrained, unrestricted, unsmiling, unsophisticated, unstopped, unswerving, unswervingly, untinged, untreacherous, unturned, unveeringly, unwaivable, up-and-up, upright, upstanding, uptight, utter, vector, venereal, verbally, verbatim, verbatim et litteratim, veritable, vertical, virtuous, voluptuous, whole, wholesale, without delay, without exception, without reserve, word by word, word for word


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