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stock farmer definitions

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: farmer who breed or raises livestock [syn: stockman, stock raiser, stock farmer]

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Stock duck (Zo["o]l.), the mallard. Stock exchange. (a) The building or place where stocks are bought and sold; stock market; hence, transactions of all kinds in stocks. (b) An association or body of stockbrokers who meet and transact business by certain recognized forms, regulations, and usages. --Wharton. Brande & C. Stock farmer, a farmer who makes it his business to rear live stock. Stock gillyflower (Bot.), the common stock. See Stock, n., 18. Stock gold, gold laid up so as to form a stock, or hoard. Stock in trade, the goods kept for sale by a shopkeeper; the fittings and appliances of a workman. --Simmonds. Stock list, a list of stocks, or shares, dealt in, of transactions, and of prices. Stock lock, a lock inclosed in a wooden case and attached to the face of a door. Stock market. (a) A place where stocks are bought and sold; the stock exchange. (b) A market for live stock. Stock pigeon. (Zo["o]l.) Same as Stockdove. Stock purse. (a) A common purse, as distinguished from a private purse. (b) (Mil.) Moneys saved out of the expenses of a company or regiment, and applied to objects of common interest. [Eng.] Stock shave, a tool used by blockmakers. Stock station, a place or district for rearing stock. [Australia] --W. Howitt. Stock tackle (Naut.), a tackle used when the anchor is hoisted and secured, to keep its stock clear of the ship's sides. --Totten. Stock taking, an examination and inventory made of goods or stock in a shop or warehouse; -- usually made periodically. Tail stock. See Tailstock. To have something on the stock, to be at work at something. To take stock, to take account of stock; to make an inventory of stock or goods on hand. --Dickens. To take stock in. (a) To subscribe for, or purchase, shares in a stock company. (b) To put faith in; to accept as trustworthy; as, to take stock in a person's fidelity. [Slang] To take stock of, to take account of the stock of; to take an inventory of; hence, to ascertain the facts in regard to (something). [Eng.] At the outset of any inquiry it is proper to take stock of the results obtained by previous explorers of the same field. --Leslie Stephen. Syn: Fund; capital; store; supply; accumulation; hoard; provision.


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