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simulacrum definitions

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: an insubstantial or vague semblance
2: a representation of a person (especially in the form of sculpture); "the coin bears an effigy of Lincoln"; "the emperor's tomb had his image carved in stone" [syn: effigy, image, simulacrum]

Merriam Webster's

noun (plural simulacra; also -crums) Etymology: Middle English, from Latin, from simulare Date: 15th century 1. image, representation <a reasonable simulacrum of reality Martin Mayer> 2. an insubstantial form or semblance of something ; trace

Oxford Reference Dictionary

n. (pl. simulacra) 1 an image of something. 2 a a shadowy likeness; a deceptive substitute. b mere pretence. Etymology: L (as SIMULATE)

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Simulacrum Sim`u*la"crum, n.; pl. Simulacra. [L. See Simulate.] A likeness; a semblance; a mock appearance; a sham; -- now usually in a derogatory sense. Beneath it nothing but a great simulacrum. --Thackeray.

Moby Thesaurus

Prospero, acting, affectation, airiness, ally, alter ego, analogon, analogue, angle, appearance, aspect, associate, attitudinizing, bluff, bluffing, brother, certified copy, cheat, cheating, clinquant, close copy, close match, cognate, color, coloring, companion, complement, configuration, congenator, congener, coordinate, copy, correlate, correlative, correspondent, counterfeit, counterpart, dead ringer, deception, delusion, delusiveness, disguise, dissemblance, dissembling, dissimulation, double, dummy, duplicate, ectype, effect, effigy, eidolon, equivalent, ersatz, exact likeness, facade, face, facet, fair copy, faithful copy, fake, fakement, fakery, faking, fallaciousness, false air, false appearance, false front, false light, false show, falseness, falsity, fashion, feature, feigning, feint, fellow, figure, forgery, form, four-flushing, frame-up, fraud, front, gestalt, gilt, gloss, guise, hoax, humbug, humbuggery, icon, idealization, idol, illusionism, illusionist, illusiveness, image, imago, imitation, immateriality, impostor, imposture, impression, junk, kindred spirit, light, like, likeness, lineaments, living image, living picture, look, magic, magic act, magic show, magician, manner, masquerade, match, mate, meretriciousness, miniature, mirroring, mock, model, near duplicate, obverse, ostentation, outward show, parallel, paste, pasticcio, pastiche, pendant, phase, phasis, phony, photograph, picture, pinchbeck, playacting, portrait, pose, posing, posture, prestidigitation, pretense, pretension, pretext, put-on, put-up job, reciprocal, reference, reflection, regard, representation, resemblance, respect, ringer, rip-off, rubbing, second self, seeming, semblance, shadow, sham, shape, shoddy, show, showing, side, similitude, simulation, sister, slant, sleight of hand, sorcerer, sorcery, soul mate, specious appearance, speciousness, spit, spit and image, spitting image, style, such, suchlike, swindle, tally, the like of, the likes of, tinsel, total effect, trace, tracing, twin, twist, unactuality, unreality, unsubstantiality, varnish, very image, very picture, view, viewpoint, whited sepulcher, window dressing, wise

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