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short cut definitions

Collin's Cobuild Dictionary

also short-cut, shortcut(short cuts) 1. A short cut is a quicker way of getting somewhere than the usual route. I tried to take a short cut and got lost. N-COUNT 2. A short cut is a method of achieving something more quickly or more easily than if you use the usual methods. Fame can be a shortcut to love and money... N-COUNT: oft N to n 3. On a computer, a shortcut is an icon on the desktop that allows you to go immediately to a program, document and so on. (COMPUTING) ...ways to move or copy icons or create shortcuts in Windows. N-COUNT 4. On a computer, a shortcut is a keystroke or a combination of keystrokes that allows you to give commands without using the mouse. (COMPUTING) ...a handy keyboard shortcut that takes you to the top of the screen. N-COUNT


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