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ship money definitions

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: an impost levied in England to provide money for ships for national defense

Britannica Concise

English tax levied by the crown on coastal cities for naval defense in time of war. First levied in medieval times, the tax required payment in the form of a number of warships or their equivalent in money. It was revived in 1634 by Charles I to raise extra revenue. He issued six annual writs (1634-39) that extended the imposition to inland towns and sought to establish it as a permanent tax. Its enforcement aroused widespread opposition and added to the discontent leading to the English Civil Wars. In 1641 the tax was declared illegal by Parliament.

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

3. A dish or utensil (originally fashioned like the hull of a ship) used to hold incense. [Obs.] --Tyndale. Armed ship, a private ship taken into the service of the government in time of war, and armed and equipped like a ship of war. [Eng.] --Brande & C. General ship. See under General. Ship biscuit, hard biscuit prepared for use on shipboard; -- called also ship bread. See Hardtack. Ship boy, a boy who serves in a ship. ``Seal up the ship boy's eyes.'' --Shak. Ship breaker, one who breaks up vessels when unfit for further use. Ship broker, a mercantile agent employed in buying and selling ships, procuring cargoes, etc., and generally in transacting the business of a ship or ships when in port. Ship canal, a canal suitable for the passage of seagoing vessels. Ship carpenter, a carpenter who works at shipbuilding; a shipwright. Ship chandler, one who deals in cordage, canvas, and other, furniture of vessels. Ship chandlery, the commodities in which a ship chandler deals; also, the business of a ship chandler. Ship fever (Med.), a form of typhus fever; -- called also putrid, jail, or hospital fever. Ship joiner, a joiner who works upon ships. Ship letter, a letter conveyed by a ship not a mail packet. Ship money (Eng. Hist.), an imposition formerly charged on the ports, towns, cities, boroughs, and counties, of England, for providing and furnishing certain ships for the king's service. The attempt made by Charles I. to revive and enforce this tax was resisted by John Hampden, and was one of the causes which led to the death of Charles. It was finally abolished. Ship of the line. See under Line. Ship pendulum, a pendulum hung amidships to show the extent of the rolling and pitching of a vessel. Ship railway. (a) An inclined railway with a cradelike car, by means of which a ship may be drawn out of water, as for repairs. (b) A railway arranged for the transportation of vessels overland between two water courses or harbors. Ship's company, the crew of a ship or other vessel. Ship's days, the days allowed a vessel for loading or unloading. Ship's husband. See under Husband. Ship's papers (Mar. Law), papers with which a vessel is required by law to be provided, and the production of which may be required on certain occasions. Among these papers are the register, passport or sea letter, charter party, bills of lading, invoice, log book, muster roll, bill of health, etc. --Bouvier. --Kent. To make ship, to embark in a ship or other vessel.


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