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Senseless definitions

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

SENSELESS, a. sens'less.
1. Wanting the faculty of perception. The body when dead is senseless; but a limb or other part of the body may be senseless, when the rest of the boky enjoys its usual sensibility.
2. Unfelling; wanting sympathy.
The senseless feels not your pious sorrows. Rowe.
3. Unreasonable; foolish; stupid.
They would repent this their senseless perverseness, when it would be to late.
4. Unreasonable; stupid; acting without sense or judgement.
Ther were a senseless stupid race. Swift.
5. Contrary to reason or sound judgement; as, to destroy by a senseless fondness the happiness of children.
6. Wanting knowledge; unconscious; with of; as libertiness, senseless of any charm in love.
7. Wanting sensibility or quick perception.

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: not marked by the use of reason; "mindless violence"; "reasonless hostility"; "a senseless act" [syn: mindless, reasonless, senseless]
2: unresponsive to stimulation; "he lay insensible where he had fallen"; "drugged and senseless" [syn: insensible, senseless]
3: serving no useful purpose; having no excuse for being; "otiose lines in a play"; "advice is wasted words"; "a pointless remark"; "a life essentially purposeless"; "senseless violence" [syn: otiose, pointless, purposeless, senseless, superfluous, wasted]
4: (of especially persons) lacking sense or understanding or judgment [syn: nitwitted, senseless, soft-witted, witless]

Merriam Webster's

adjective Date: 1557 destitute of, deficient in, or contrary to sense: as a. unconscious <knocked senseless> b. foolish, stupid <it was some senseless practical joke A. Conan Doyle> c. meaningless, purposeless <a senseless murder> senselessly adverb senselessness noun

Oxford Reference Dictionary

adj. 1 unconscious. 2 wildly foolish. 3 without meaning or purpose. 4 incapable of sensation. Derivatives: senselessly adv. senselessness n.

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Senseless Sense"less, a. Destitute of, deficient in, or contrary to, sense; without sensibility or feeling; unconscious; stupid; foolish; unwise; unreasonable. You blocks, you stones, you worse than senseless things. --Shak. The ears are senseless that should give us hearing. --Shak. The senseless grave feels not your pious sorrows. --Rowe. They were a senseless, stupid race. --Swift. They would repent this their senseless perverseness when it would be too late. --Clarendon. --- Sense"less*ly, adv. -- Sense"less*ness, n.

Collin's Cobuild Dictionary

1. If you describe an action as senseless, you think it is wrong because it has no purpose and produces no benefit. ...people whose lives have been destroyed by acts of senseless violence... = pointless ADJ 2. If someone is senseless, they are unconscious. They were knocked to the ground, beaten senseless and robbed of their wallets... ADJ: ADJ after v, v-link ADJ

Soule's Dictionary of English Synonyms

a. 1. Inert, not sentient, without perception. 2. Insensible, unfeeling, apathetic. 3. Unreasonable, foolish, nonsensical, ill-judged, unwise, absurd, unmeaning, silly. 4. Stupid, foolish, doltish, silly, simple, witless, weak-minded. 5. Unconscious, insensible, unknowing.

Moby Thesaurus

abiotic, abnormal, absonant, absurd, aimless, amorphous, anesthetized, apish, asinine, asleep, azoic, batty, befooled, beguiled, benumbed, bereft of reason, besotted, brainless, brainsick, buffoonish, capricious, casual, cataleptic, catatonic, cockeyed, cold, comatose, contradictory, contrary to reason, crackbrained, cracked, crazed, crazy, credulous, daffy, daft, dazed, dead, deadened, deluded, demented, deprived of reason, deranged, designless, desultory, dippy, disarticulated, discontinuous, disjunct, disordered, disoriented, dispersed, disproportionate, distraught, dizzy, doped, doting, drugged, dumb, empty, empty-headed, erratic, exanimate, fallacious, fatuitous, fatuous, faulty, fitful, flaky, flawed, flighty, fond, fool, foolheaded, foolish, formless, frivolous, fuddled, futile, gaga, garbled, goofy, gratuitous, gulled, half-conscious, hallucinated, haphazard, headless, hit-or-miss, idiotic, ignorant, ill-advised, ill-considered, ill-contrived, ill-devised, ill-gauged, ill-judged, illogical, imbecile, imbecilic, immethodical, impolitic, importless, imprudent, inadvisable, inane, inanimate, inanimated, inauthentic, inchoate, incoherent, inconclusive, incongruous, inconsequent, inconsequential, inconsiderate, inconsistent, indiscreet, indiscriminate, inept, inert, inexpedient, infatuated, injudicious, insane, insensate, insensible, insensitive, insentient, insignificant, invalid, irrational, irregular, kooky, lackbrained, lean-minded, lean-witted, lifeless, loco, loony, loose, ludicrous, lunatic, mad, maddened, manic, maudlin, mazed, meaningless, mental, mentally deficient, meshuggah, mindless, misadvised, misguided, misshapen, moon-struck, moronic, mute, myopic, narcotized, nirvanic, nitwitted, non compos, non compos mentis, nonconnotative, nonconscious, nondenotative, nonliving, nonscientific, nonsensical, nonsymmetrical, nonsystematic, nonuniform, not all there, not bright, not following, not right, null, numbed, nutty, oblivious, odd, of little brain, of unsound mind, off, orderless, out, out cold, out of it, paralogical, pea-brained, phatic, pin-brained, planless, pointless, promiscuous, psycho, purportless, purposeless, queer, random, reasonless, reckless, ridiculous, sappy, scrambled, screwy, self-annulling, self-contradictory, self-refuting, semiconscious, sentimental, shapeless, shortsighted, sick, silly, slackminded, slackwitted, soulless, spaced out, spasmodic, sporadic, stark-mad, stark-staring mad, stoned, straggling, straggly, strange, strung out, stunned, stupid, surd, systemless, tetched, thoughtless, touched, trinal, unadvised, unanimated, unarranged, unauthentic, unaware, unbalanced, unclassified, unconnected, unconscious, unconsidered, undirected, undiscerning, unfeeling, unforeseeing, ungifted, ungraded, unhinged, unimportant, unintellectual, unintelligent, unjoined, unmeaning, unmethodical, unordered, unorganized, unphilosophical, unreasonable, unreasoning, unreflecting, unreflective, unsane, unscientific, unseeing, unsensible, unsettled, unsignificant, unsorted, unsound, unsymmetrical, unsystematic, untalented, unthinking, unthoughtful, ununiform, unwise, unwitty, vague, wacky, wandering, weak-minded, wet, wild, without reason, witless, wooden, zonked, zonked out

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