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San definitions

Merriam Webster's

noun Etymology: Khoikhoi Date: 1876 1. plural in construction bushmen 2. bushman 2

Britannica Concise

Burmese political leader of the anti). A Buddhist monk, physician, and astrologer in Siam and Burma, he joined an extreme nationalist group dedicated to organizing peasant discontent. Claiming the throne of Burma, he had himself crowned in 1930 and initiated an anti-British revolt in the Tharrawaddy district. The rebels, armed only with spears and swords and charms to make them invulnerable to bullets, were defeated by British troops with machine guns by 1932, and Saya San was hanged. The revolt exposed the precarious and unpopular position of the British in Burma. Group of peoples now living mainly in and around the Kalahari region of S Africa. San languages belong to the Khoisan family. Two well-known San groups are the !Kung (Ju/'Hoansi) and the G/wi. Traditional San society centers on the nomadic band of related families. San shelters are semicircular structures of branches, twigs, and grass; their equipment is portable, their possessions few and light. They have traditionally hunted using bows and snares, and gathered wild vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Numbering about 50,000, most have been restricted, because of historical and political factors, to harsh, semiarid areas, and work for wages on European farms or serve other Africans, notably the Tswana.

Oxford Reference Dictionary

n. = SANATORIUM 2. Etymology: abbr.


Landing Facility TypeAIRPORT
Airport CodeSAN
FAA DistrictNONE
County StateCA
Owner TypePU
Facility UsePU
Facility City, State, Zip"SAN DIEGO, CA 92101-1022"
Aeronautical chart on which the airport facility appearsLOS ANGELES
Distance from the central business district of the associated city to the airport in nautical miles02
Direction of airport from the central business district of the associated cityW
Airport Certification Type and DateI DS 05/1973
NASP/Federal Agreement CodeNGSY
Customs international airportY
Customs Landing Rights AirportN
Joint UseY
Military Landing RightsY
Control TowerY
Based Multi-engine general aviation aircraft002
Based Jet engine general aviation aircraft004
Based Helicopters000
Commercial Services143283
Air Taxi047802
General Aviation - Itinerant Operations014415
Military Aircraft Operations001229
State FIPS code06
State Postal CodeCA
Total domestic enplanements (inbound plus outbound)8135832


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