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salt of the earth definitions

Moby Thesaurus

Christian, bourgeoisie, burgher, champion, choice, chosen, common people, common run, common sort, commonage, commonality, commonalty, commoners, commons, cream, elect, elite, exemplary citizen, faithful, fat, flower, galantuomo, gentilhomme, gentleman, good citizen, good man, good neighbor, good woman, honest man, honest woman, laborers, lady, linendrapers, lower classes, lower middle class, lower orders, lumpen proletariat, man of honor, middle class, middle orders, nonesuch, nonpareil, optimum, ordinary people, paragon, peasantry, pick, pillar of society, plain folks, plain people, prime, prize, proletariat, queen, quintessence, rank and file, real lady, respectable citizen, select, shopkeepers, small tradesmen, straight shooter, superlative, the best, the best ever, the lower cut, the other half, the third estate, the tops, the very best, toilers, toiling class, true Christian, true blue, truepenny, trusty, upper middle class, vulgus, woman of honor, working class, working people


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