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rev definitions

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: rate of revolution of a motor; "the engine was doing 6000 revs" [syn: revolutions per minute, rpm, rev] v
1: increase the number of rotations per minute; "rev up an engine" [syn: rev up, rev]

Merriam Webster's

abbreviation 1. Revelation 2. reverend

Merriam Webster's

I. noun Etymology: short for revolution Date: circa 1890 1. a revolution of a motor 2. revolution per minute usually used in plural II. verb (revved; revving) Date: 1920 transitive verb 1. a. to step up the number of revolutions per minute of often used with up <rev up the engine> b. increase used with up <rev up production> 2. to drive or operate especially at high speed often used with up 3. to make more active or effective used with up <revving up the economy> 4. to stir up ; excite usually used with up <revved up the kids before bedtime> intransitive verb 1. to operate at an increased speed of revolution usually used with up 2. to increase in amount or activity usually used with up <the campaign revved up> 3. to become more excited especially in anticipation usually used with up <the partygoers were revving up> III. abbreviation 1. revenue 2. reverse 3. review; reviewed 4. revised; revision 5. revolution

Oxford Reference Dictionary

n. & v. colloq. --n. (in pl.) the number of revolutions of an engine per minute (running at 3,000 revs). --v. (revved, revving) 1 intr. (of an engine) revolve; turn over. 2 tr. (also absol.; often foll. by up) cause (an engine) to run quickly. Phrases and idioms: rev counter = revolution counter. Etymology: abbr.

Collin's Cobuild Dictionary

(revs, revving, revved) 1. When the engine of a vehicle revs, or when you rev it, the engine speed is increased as the accelerator is pressed. The engine started, revved and the car jerked away down the hill... The old bus was revving its engine, ready to start the journey back towards Madrid. VERB: V, V n Rev up means the same as rev. ...drivers revving up their engines. ...the sound of a car revving up. PHRASAL VERB: V P n (not pron), V P 2. If you talk about the revs of an engine, you are referring to its speed, which is measured in revolutions per minute. The engine delivers instant acceleration whatever the revs. N-PLURAL


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