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prod definitions

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: a verbalization that encourages you to attempt something; "the ceaseless prodding got on his nerves" [syn: goad, goading, prod, prodding, urging, spur, spurring]
2: a pointed instrument that is used to prod into a state of motion [syn: prod, goad] v
1: to push against gently; "She nudged my elbow when she saw her friend enter the restaurant" [syn: nudge, poke at, prod]
2: urge on; cause to act; "The other children egged the boy on, but he did not want to throw the stone through the window" [syn: prod, incite, egg on]
3: poke or thrust abruptly; "he jabbed his finger into her ribs" [syn: jab, prod, stab, poke, dig]

Merriam Webster's

noun Etymology: by shortening & alteration Date: 1942 chiefly Irish often disparaging protestant 1b

Merriam Webster's

I. verb (prodded; prodding) Etymology: origin unknown Date: 1535 transitive verb 1. a. to thrust a pointed instrument into ; prick b. to incite to action ; stir 2. to poke or stir as if with a prod intransitive verb to urge someone on prodder noun II. noun Date: circa 1787 1. a pointed instrument used to prod 2. an incitement to act <needed a few prods to remember her lines> III. abbreviation product; production

Oxford Reference Dictionary

v. & n. --v. (prodded, prodding) 1 tr. poke with the finger or a pointed object. 2 tr. stimulate to action. 3 intr. (foll. by at) make a prodding motion. --n. 1 a poke or thrust. 2 a stimulus to action. 3 a pointed instrument. Derivatives: prodder n. Etymology: 16th c.: perh. imit.

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Prod Prod, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Prodded; p. pr. & vb. n. Prodding.] To thrust some pointed instrument into; to prick with something sharp; as, to prod a soldier with a bayonet; to prod oxen; hence, to goad, to incite, to worry; as, to prod a student. --H. Taylor.

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Prod Prod, n. [Cf. Gael. & Ir. brod goad, prickle, sting, and E. brad, also W. procio to poke, thrust.] 1. A pointed instrument for pricking or puncturing, as a goad, an awl, a skewer, etc. 2. A prick or stab which a pointed instrument. 3. A light kind of crossbow; -- in the sense, often spelled prodd. --Fairholt.

Collin's Cobuild Dictionary

(prods, prodding, prodded) 1. If you prod someone or something, you give them a quick push with your finger or with a pointed object. He prodded Murray with the shotgun... Prod the windowsills to check for signs of rot... Cathy was prodding at a boiled egg. = poke VERB: V n with n, V n, V at n Prod is also a noun. He gave the donkey a mighty prod in the backside. = poke N-COUNT 2. If you prod someone into doing something, you remind or persuade them to do it. The report should prod the Government into spending more on the Health Service... His remark prodded her to ask where Mora had gone. VERB: V n into n/-ing, V n to-inf 3. see also cattle prod

Moby Thesaurus

activate, actuate, annoy, assault, badger, bear, bear upon, bearing, boost, buck, bull, bulldoze, bump, bump against, bunt, butt, butt against, carp at, cavil, come in contact, cram, crowd, cue, dig, drive, egg on, elbow, encourage, excite, exhort, feel, feel of, finger, flick, flog, force, gad, gadfly, goad, grope, handle, harass, head, hector, henpeck, hound, hurtle, hustle, impel, incite, instigate, irk, irritate, jab, jam, jog, joggle, jolt, jostle, lash, manipulate, motivate, move, nag, needle, nudge, oxgoad, palm, palpate, paw, pester, pile drive, pique, plague, ply, poke, poke at, press, pressure, prick, prompt, propel, provoke, punch, push, quick look, ram, ram down, rattle, reminder, rouse, rowel, run, run against, shake, shoulder, shove, sic, signal, spur, stimulate, stimulus, sting, stir, stress, tamp, tap, tentative examination, thrust, thumb, touch, twiddle, urge, whip, whiplash, wield

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