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Picket definitions

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

PICK'ET, n. A stake sharpened or pointed; used in fortification and encampments.
1. A narrow board pointed; used in making fence.
2. A guard posted in front of an army to give notice of the approach of the enemy.
3. A game at cards. [See Piquet.]
4. A punishment with consists in making the offender stand with one foot on a pointed stake.
PICK'ET, v.t. To fortify with pointed stakes.
1. To inclose or fence with narrow pointed boards.
2. To fasten to a picket.

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: a person employed to keep watch for some anticipated event [syn: lookout, lookout man, sentinel, sentry, watch, spotter, scout, picket]
2: a detachment of troops guarding an army from surprise attack
3: a protester posted by a labor organization outside a place of work
4: a vehicle performing sentinel duty
5: a wooden strip forming part of a fence [syn: picket, pale]
6: a form of military punishment used by the British in the late 17th century in which a soldier was forced to stand on one foot on a pointed stake [syn: picket, piquet] v
1: serve as pickets or post pickets; "picket a business to protest the layoffs"
2: fasten with a picket; "picket the goat"

Merriam Webster's

I. noun Etymology: French piquet, from Middle French, from piquer to prick more at pike Date: circa 1702 1. a pointed or sharpened stake, post, or pale 2. a. a detached body of soldiers serving to guard an army from surprise b. a detachment kept ready in camp for such duty c. sentry 3. a person posted by a labor organization at a place of work affected by a strike; also a person posted for a demonstration or protest II. verb Date: 1745 transitive verb 1. to enclose, fence, or fortify with pickets 2. a. to guard with a picket b. to post as a picket 3. tether 4. a. to post pickets at b. to walk or stand in front of as a picket intransitive verb to serve as a picket picketer noun

Oxford Reference Dictionary

n. & v. --n. 1 a person or group of people outside a place of work, intending to persuade esp. workers not to enter during a strike etc. 2 a pointed stake or peg driven into the ground to form a fence or palisade, to tether a horse, etc. 3 (also picquet, piquet) Mil. a a small body of troops sent out to watch for the enemy, held in readiness, etc. b a party of sentries. c an outpost. d a camp-guard on police duty in a garrison town etc. --v. (picketed, picketing) 1 a tr. & intr. station or act as a picket. b tr. beset or guard (a factory, workers, etc.) with a picket or pickets. 2 tr. secure (a place) with stakes. 3 tr. tether (an animal). Phrases and idioms: picket line a boundary established by workers on strike, esp. at the entrance to the place of work, which others are asked not to cross. Derivatives: picketer n. Etymology: F piquet pointed stake f. piquer prick, f. pic PICK(2)

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Picket Pick"et, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Picketed; p. pr. & vb. n. Picketing.] 1. To fortify with pointed stakes. 2. To inclose or fence with pickets or pales. 3. To tether to, or as to, a picket; as, to picket a horse. 4. To guard, as a camp or road, by an outlying picket. 5. To torture by compelling to stand with one foot on a pointed stake. [Obs.]

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Picket Pick"et, n. [F. piquet, properly dim. of pique spear, pike. See Pike, and cf. Piquet.] 1. A stake sharpened or pointed, especially one used in fortification and encampments, to mark bounds and angles; or one used for tethering horses. 2. A pointed pale, used in marking fences. 3. [Probably so called from the picketing of the horses.] (Mil.) A detached body of troops serving to guard an army from surprise, and to oppose reconnoitering parties of the enemy; -- called also outlying picket. 4. By extension, men appointed by a trades union, or other labor organization, to intercept outsiders, and prevent them from working for employers with whom the organization is at variance. [Cant]

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Piquet Pi*quet", n. [F., prob. fr. pique. See Pique, Pike, and Picket.] A game at cards played between two persons, with thirty-two cards, all the deuces, threes, fours, fives, and sixes, being set aside. [Written also picket and picquet.]

Collin's Cobuild Dictionary

(pickets, picketing, picketed) 1. When a group of people, usually trade union members, picket a place of work, they stand outside it in order to protest about something, to prevent people from going in, or to persuade the workers to join a strike. The miners went on strike and picketed the power stations... 100 union members and supporters picketed outside. VERB: V n, V Picket is also a noun. ...forty demonstrators who have set up a twenty four hour picket. N-COUNT picketing There was widespread picketing of mines where work was continuing. 2. Pickets are people who are picketing a place of work. The strikers agreed to remove their pickets and hold talks with the government. N-COUNT

Soule's Dictionary of English Synonyms

n. [Written also Piquet.] 1. Stake. 2. Stake, pale. 3. (Mil.) Sentinel (on the outposts), guard, watchman, guardsman, sentry.

Moby Thesaurus

Argus, Charley, advance guard, airplane spotter, anchor, armed guard, bank guard, bar, beef, bind, bitch, blockade, boggle, box in, boycott, bridle, bulkhead in, call in question, chain, challenge, coast guard, complain, cordon, cordon sanitaire, cry out against, demonstrate, demonstrate against, demonstrator, demur, dismember, dispute, draw and quarter, enchain, enclose, enter a protest, entrammel, expostulate, fasten, fence, fence in, fetter, fire patrolman, fire warden, fireguard, flying squadron, forward observer, garrison, go on strike, go out, goalie, goalkeeper, goaltender, goon, goon squad, grill, guard, guarder, guardsman, gyve, hamper, handcuff, hedge, hem, hem in, hobble, hog-tie, hold out, holler, hopple, howl, impale, inlying picket, jailer, keelhaul, kick, lash, leash, leg, lock out, lookout, lookout man, make fast, manacle, march, moor, night watchman, object, observer, outguard, outpost, pale, paling, palisade, patrol, patroller, patrolman, peg, peg down, picket line, picketer, picquet, pile, pin down, pinion, post, press objections, protest, protester, put in irons, rack, rail, raise a howl, rally, rear guard, remonstrate, restrain, revolt, rope, roundsman, scout, scruple, secure, security guard, sentinel, sentry, shackle, shank, shut in, shut it down, sit down, sit in, slow down, spile, spotter, squawk, stake, stanchion, state a grievance, straitjacket, strap, strike, striker, strong-arm man, tar and feather, teach in, tether, tie, tie down, tie up, torture, train guard, trammel, upright, van, vanguard, vedette, vertical, walk out, wall, wall in, ward, warder, watch, watcher, watchkeeper, watchman, yell bloody murder


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