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Openly definitions

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

OPENLY, adv. o'pnly.
1. Publicly; not in private; without secrecy; as, to avow our sins and follies openly.
How grossly and openly do many of us contradict the precepts of the gospel by our ungodliness and worldly lusts!
2. Plainly; evidently; without reserve or disguise.

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: in an open way; "he openly flaunted his affection for his sister"

Merriam Webster's

adverb see open I

Oxford Reference Dictionary

adv. 1 frankly, honestly. 2 publicly; without concealment. Etymology: OE openlice (as OPEN, -LY(2))

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Openly O"pen*ly, adv. [AS. openlice.] 1. In an open manner; publicly; not in private; without secrecy. How grossly and openly do many of us contradict the precepts of the gospel by our ungodliness! --Tillotson. 2. Without reserve or disguise; plainly; evidently. My love . . . shall show itself more openly. --Shak.

Collin's Cobuild Dictionary

If you do something openly, you do it without hiding any facts or hiding your feelings. The Bundesbank has openly criticised the German Government... ? secretly ADV: ADV with v, ADV adj

Soule's Dictionary of English Synonyms

ad. 1. Publicly. 2. Candidly, frankly, plainly.

Moby Thesaurus

abominably, aboveboard, agonizingly, all joking aside, apparently, artlessly, audaciously, awfully, baldly, balefully, before one, bitterly, blatantly, bluffly, bluntly, boldly, brashly, brazenly, broadly, brusquely, candidly, confoundedly, cruelly, damnably, deadly, deathly, deucedly, directly, distressingly, dolorously, dreadfully, egregiously, excessively, excruciatingly, exorbitantly, exteriorly, externally, extravagantly, face to face, flagrantly, flauntingly, frankly, freely, frightfully, genuinely, grievously, guilelessly, hellishly, horribly, improperly, in all conscience, in all seriousness, in broad daylight, in open court, in plain English, in plain sight, in plain view, in plain words, in public, in public view, in the limelight, in the marketplace, in the open, inexcusably, infernally, ingenuously, inordinately, intolerably, lamentably, miserably, nakedly, naturally, on the outside, on the surface, on the table, openheartedly, out, outright, outside, outspokenly, outwardly, outwards, overtly, painfully, piteously, plain-spokenly, plainly, publically, publicly, roundly, sadly, shatteringly, shockingly, simply, sincerely, something awful, something fierce, sorely, staggeringly, straightforwardly, superficially, terribly, to all appearances, torturously, unashamedly, unbearably, unconscionably, unconstrainedly, unduly, unpardonably, unreservedly, unrestrainedly, with no nonsense, without, woefully


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