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officer of the deck definitions

U.S. Military Dictionary

The officer of the deck under way has been designated by the commanding officer to be in charge of the ship, including its safe and proper operation. The officer of the deck reports directly to the commanding officer for the safe navigation and general operation of the ship, to the executive officer (and command duty officer if appointed) for carrying out the ship's routine, and to the navigator on sighting navigational landmarks and making course and speed changes. Also called OOD. (JP 3-04)

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Officer Of"fi*cer, n. [F. officier. See Office, and cf. Official, n.] 1. One who holds an office; a person lawfully invested with an office, whether civil, military, or ecclesiastical; as, a church officer; a police officer; a staff officer. ``I am an officer of state.'' --Shak. 2. (U. S. Mil.) Specifically, a commissioned officer, in distinction from a warrant officer. Field officer, General officer, etc. See under Field, General. etc. Officer of the day (Mil.), the officer who, on a given day, has charge for that day of the quard, prisoners, and police of the post or camp. Officer of the deck, or Officer of the watch (Naut.), the officer temporarily in charge on the deck of a vessel, esp. a war vessel.

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