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octet definitions

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: the cardinal number that is the sum of seven and one [syn: eight, 8, VIII, eighter, eighter from Decatur, octad, ogdoad, octonary, octet]
2: eight performers or singers who perform together [syn: octet, octette]
3: a set of eight similar things considered as a unit [syn: octet, octette]
4: eight people considered as a unit [syn: octet, octette, eightsome]
5: a musical composition written for eight performers [syn: octet, octette]

Merriam Webster's

noun Date: 1864 1. a musical composition for eight instruments or voices 2. a group or set of eight: as a. octave 2b b. the performers of an octet

Oxford Reference Dictionary

n. (also octette) 1 Mus. a a composition for eight voices or instruments. b the performers of such a piece. 2 a group of eight. 3 the first eight lines of a sonnet. 4 Chem. a stable group of eight electrons. Etymology: It. ottetto or G Oktett: assim. to OCT-, DUET, QUARTET

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Octet Oc*tet", n. [From L. octo eight, like E. duet, fr.L. duo. See Octave.] (Mus.) A composition for eight parts, usually for eight solo instruments or voices.

Collin's Cobuild Dictionary

(octets) An octet is a group of eight singers or musicians. ...the Stan Tracey Octet. N-COUNT: oft in names

Moby Thesaurus

Octateuch, Spenserian stanza, antistrophe, beta particle, bipartisanship, book, burden, canto, cathode particle, chorus, coaction, coadjuvancy, coadministration, coagency, cochairmanship, codirectorship, collaboration, collaborativeness, collectivism, collusion, commensalism, common effort, common enterprise, communalism, communism, communitarianism, community, complicity, concert, concord, concordance, concurrence, cooperation, cooperativeness, couplet, distich, duet, duettino, duo, duumvirate, ecumenicalism, ecumenicism, ecumenism, eight, eighter from Decatur, electron, electron affinity, electron cloud, electron pair, electron shells, electron spin, electron transfer, electron-positron pair, energy level, ensemble music, ensemble singing, envoi, epode, esprit, esprit de corps, excited state, extranuclear electrons, fellow feeling, fellowship, ground state, harmony, heptastich, hexastich, joining of forces, joint effort, joint operation, line, lone pair, mass action, measure, monostich, morale, mutual assistance, mutualism, mutuality, negatron, octad, octagon, octahedron, octameter, octastich, octastyle, octave, octavo, octonary, octosyllable, ogdoad, orbital electron, ottava rima, part music, part singing, part song, pentastich, photoelectron, polyphonic music, pooling, pooling of resources, pulling together, quartet, quatrain, quintet, reciprocity, recoil electron, refrain, rhyme royal, secondary electron, septet, septuor, sestet, sextet, shared pair, solidarity, stanza, stave, strain, strophe, subvalent electrons, surface-bound electron, syllable, symbiosis, synergism, synergy, team spirit, teamwork, tercet, terza rima, terzet, terzetto, tetrastich, thermion, trio, triplet, tristich, triumvirate, troika, united action, utas, valence electrons, valence shell, verse, wandering electron

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