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Naval definitions

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

NAVAL, a. [L. Gr. A ship]
1. Consisting of ships; as a naval force or armament.
2. Pertaining to ships; as naval stores.

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: connected with or belonging to or used in a navy; "naval history"; "naval commander"; "naval vessels"

Merriam Webster's

adjective Etymology: Middle English, from Latin navalis, from navis ship Date: 15th century 1. obsolete of or relating to ships or shipping 2. a. of or relating to a navy b. consisting of or involving warships

Oxford Reference Dictionary

adj. 1 of, in, for, etc. the navy or a navy. 2 of or concerning ships (a naval battle). Phrases and idioms: naval academy a college for training naval officers. naval architect a designer of ships. naval architecture the designing of ships. naval officer an officer in a navy. naval stores all materials used in shipping. Derivatives: navally adv. Etymology: L navalis f. navis ship

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Naval Na"val, a. [L. navalis, fr. navis ship: cf. F. naval. See Nave of a church.] Having to do with shipping; of or pertaining to ships or a navy; consisting of ships; as, naval forces, successes, stores, etc.

Collin's Cobuild Dictionary

Frequency: The word is one of the 3000 most common words in English. Naval means belonging to, relating to, or involving a country's navy. He was the senior serving naval officer. ...the US naval base at Guantanamo Bay. ADJ: ADJ n

Soule's Dictionary of English Synonyms

a. Nautical, marine, maritime.

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