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music drama definitions

Merriam Webster's

noun Date: 1877 an opera in which the action is not interrupted by formal song divisions (as recitatives or arias) and the music is determined solely by dramatic appropriateness

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Music drama Mu"sic dra`ma An opera in which the text and action are not interrupted by set arias, duets, etc., the music being determined throughout by dramatic appropriateness; musical drama of this character, in general. It involves the use of a kind of melodious declamation, the development of leitmotif, great orchestral elaboration, and a fusion of poetry, music, action, and scene into an organic whole. The term is applied esp. to the later works of Wagner: ``Tristan und Isolde,'' ``Die Meistersinger,'' ``Rheingold,'' ``Walk["u]re,'' ``Siegfried,'' ``G["o]tterd["a]mmerung,'' and ``Parsifal.''


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