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Monroe, James definitions

Britannica Concise

Fifth president of the U.S. (1817-25). Born in Westmoreland Co., Va., he fought in the Amer. Revolution and studied law under T. Jefferson. He served in the Congress (1783-86) and U.S. Senate (1790-94), where he opposed G. Washington's administration. He nevertheless became U.S. minister to France (1794-96), where he misled the French about U.S. politics and was recalled. He served as governor of Virginia 1799-1802. Pres. Jefferson sent him to France, where he helped negotiate the Louisiana Purchase (1803), then named him minister to Britain (1803-7). He returned to Virginia and became governor (1811), but resigned to become U.S. secretary of state (1811-17) and secretary of war (1814-15). He served two terms as president, presiding in a period that became known as the Era of Good Feelings. He oversaw the Seminole War (1817-18) and the acquisition of the Floridas (1819-21), and signed the Missouri Compromise (1820). With secretary of state J. Q. Adams, he developed the principles of U.S. foreign policy later called the Monroe Doctrine.

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