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Maliciously definitions

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

MALI'CIOUSLY, adv. With malice; with extreme enmity or ill will; with deliberate intention to injure.

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: with malice; in a malicious manner; "she answered maliciously"

Merriam Webster's

adverb see malicious

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Malicious Ma*li"cious, a. [Of. malicius, F. malicieux, fr. L. malitiosus. See Malice.] 1. Indulging or exercising malice; harboring ill will or enmity. I grant him bloody, . . . Sudden, malicious, smacking of every sin That has a name. --Shak. 2. Proceeding from hatred or ill will; dictated by malice; as, a malicious report; malicious mischief. 3. (Law)With wicked or mischievous intentions or motives; wrongful and done intentionally without just cause or excuse; as, a malicious act. Malicious abandonment, the desertion of a wife or husband without just cause. --Burrill. Malicious mischief (Law), malicious injury to the property of another; -- an offense at common law. --Wharton. Malicious prosecution or arrest (Law), a wanton prosecution or arrest, by regular process in a civil or criminal proceeding, without probable cause. --Bouvier. Syn: Ill-disposed; evil-minded; mischievous; envious; malevolent; invidious; spiteful; bitter; malignant; rancorous; malign. -- Ma*li"cious*ly, adv. -- Ma*li"cious*ness, n.

Collin's Cobuild Dictionary

see malicious

Moby Thesaurus

balefully, harmfully, hatefully, in spite, iniquitously, invidiously, maleficently, malevolently, malignantly, meanly, nastily, noxiously, ornerily, spitefully, wickedly, with bad intent, with malice aforethought, with malice prepense

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