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Maine definitions

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: a state in New England [syn: Maine, Pine Tree State, ME]

Merriam Webster's

I. biographical name Sir Henry James Sumner 1822-1888 English jurist II. geographical name 1. state NE United States capital Augusta area 33,265 square miles (86,156 square kilometers), population 1,274,923 2. (or Le Maine) region & former province NW France S of Normandy capital Le Mans 3. see Mayenne Mainer noun

Britannica Concise

State (pop., 1997 est.: 1,242,000), NE U.S. One of the New England states, it covers 33,265 sq mi (86,156 sq km); its capital is Augusta. The Appalachian Mtns. cross the state, rising to 5,268 ft (1,606 m) at Mt. Katahdin; Maine's upland region has many lakes and valleys, and its Atlantic coast is rocky and scenic. Algonquian Indians were the earliest-known inhabitants of the area. European settlers found the Penobscot and Passamaquoddy tribes living along the river valleys and coasts. The French included Maine as part of the province of Acadia in 1603, and Britain included it in territory granted to the Plymouth Co. in 1606. During the 17th cent. Britain established scattered settlements, but the area was a constant battleground until the British conquered the French in E Canada in 1763. Maine was governed as a district of Massachusetts from 1652 until it was admitted as the 23rd state of the Union under the Missouri Compromise in 1820. Its Canadian boundary was established in 1842. The Amer. Civil War and the Industrial Revolution diverted workers and capital from Maine in the 19th cent. In the 20th cent. it has seen slow but steady economic gains, especially in the SW coastal region. Its economy is based on agriculture and natural resources. Chief products include timber and wood products, potatoes, and lobsters. Tourism is also an important source of income..Historical region, NW France. A hereditary countship in the 10th cent., it was united with Anjou in 1126 and came under English rule in 1154. With Anjou and Normandy, it fell to France early in the 13th cent. After alternating between English and French rule, it reverted to the French crown in 1481 and was made a duchy under Louis XIV.

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Maine Maine, n. One of the New England States. Maine law, any law prohibiting the manufacture and sale of intoxicating beverages, esp. one resembling that enacted in the State of Maine.

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