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Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Independent In`de*pend"ent, a. [Pref. in- not + dependent: cf. F. ind['e]pendant.] 1. Not dependent; free; not subject to control by others; not relying on others; not subordinate; as, few men are wholly independent. A dry, but independent crust. --Cowper. 2. Affording a comfortable livelihood; as, an independent property. 3. Not subject to bias or influence; not obsequious; self-directing; as, a man of an independent mind. 4. Expressing or indicating the feeling of independence; free; easy; bold; unconstrained; as, an independent air or manner. 5. Separate from; exclusive; irrespective. That obligation in general, under which we conceive ourselves bound to obey a law, independent of those resources which the law provides for its own enforcement. --R. P. Ward. 6. (Eccl.) Belonging or pertaining to, or holding to the doctrines or methods of, the Independents. 7. (Math.) Not dependent upon another quantity in respect to value or rate of variation; -- said of quantities or functions. 8. (U. S. Politics) Not bound by party; exercising a free choice in voting with either or any party. Independent company (Mil.), one not incorporated in any regiment. Independent seconds watch, a stop watch having a second hand driven by a separate set of wheels, springs, etc., for timing to a fraction of a second. Independent variable. (Math.) See Dependent variable, under Dependent. Syn: Free; uncontrolled; separate; uncoerced; self-reliant; bold; unconstrained; unrestricted.

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