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in the works definitions

Merriam Webster's

phrasal in process of preparation, development, or completion

Moby Thesaurus

accepted, acting, active, arranged, assumed, at work, blueprinted, brewing, calculated, chanced, charted, contrived, designed, devised, figured, forthcoming, functional, functioning, going, going on, in embryo, in exercise, in force, in hand, in operation, in play, in practice, in preparation, in process, in production, in progress, in the oven, inaction, methodized, on foot, on stream, on the agenda, on the anvil, on the calendar, on the carpet, on the docket, on the fire, on the tapis, on the way, ongoing, operating, operational, organized, planned, plotted, projected, rationalized, running, scheduled, schematized, set, shaped, strategetic, strategic, sur le tapis, systematized, tactical, under construction, under revision, under way, undertaken, worked out, working

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