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Hunger definitions

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

1. An uneasy sensation occasioned by the want of food; a craving of food by the stomach; craving appetite. Hunger is not merely want of food, for persons when sick,may abstain long from eating without hunger, or an appetite for food. Hunger therefore is the pain or uneasiness of the stomach of a healthy person, when too long destitute of food.
2. Any strong or eager desire.
For hunger of my gold I die.
HUN'GER, v.i. To feel the pain or uneasiness which is occasioned by long abstinence from food; to crave food.
1. To desire with great eagerness; to long for.
Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after righteousness. Matthew 5.
HUN'GER, v.t. To famish. [Not in use.]

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: a physiological need for food; the consequence of food deprivation [syn: hunger, hungriness]
2: strong desire for something (not food or drink); "a thirst for knowledge"; "hunger for affection" [syn: hunger, hungriness, thirst, thirstiness] v
1: feel the need to eat
2: have a craving, appetite, or great desire for [syn: crave, hunger, thirst, starve, lust]
3: be hungry; go without food; "Let's eat--I'm starving!" [syn: starve, hunger, famish] [ant: be full]

Merriam Webster's

I. noun Etymology: Middle English, from Old English hungor; akin to Old High German hungar hunger, Lithuanian kanka torture Date: before 12th century 1. a. a craving or urgent need for food or a specific nutrient b. an uneasy sensation occasioned by the lack of food c. a weakened condition brought about by prolonged lack of food 2. a strong desire ; craving <a hunger for success> II. verb (hungered; hungering) Date: before 12th century intransitive verb 1. to feel or suffer hunger 2. to have an eager desire transitive verb to make hungry Synonyms: see long

Oxford Reference Dictionary

n. & v. --n. 1 a feeling of pain or discomfort, or (in extremes) an exhausted condition, caused by lack of food. 2 (often foll. by for, after) a strong desire. --v.intr. 1 (often foll. by for, after) have a craving or strong desire. 2 feel hunger. Phrases and idioms: hunger march a march undertaken by a body of unemployed etc. to call attention to their condition. hunger marcher a person who goes on a hunger march. hunger strike the refusal of food as a form of protest, esp. by prisoners. hunger striker a person who takes part in a hunger strike. Etymology: OE hungor, hyngran f. Gmc

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Hunger Hun"ger, n. [AS. hungor; akin to OFries. hunger, D. honger, OS. & OHG. hungar, G. hunger, Icel. hungr, Sw. & Dan. hunger, Goth. h?hrus hunger, huggrjan to hunger.] 1. An uneasy sensation occasioned normally by the want of food; a craving or desire for food. Note: The sensation of hunger is usually referred to the stomach, but is probably dependent on excitation of the sensory nerves, both of the stomach and intestines, and perhaps also on indirect impressions from other organs, more or less exhausted from lack of nutriment. 2. Any strong eager desire. O sacred hunger of ambitious minds! --Spenser. For hunger of my gold I die. --Dryden.

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Hunger Hun"ger, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Hungered; p. pr. & vb. n. Hungering.] [OE. hungren, AS. hyngrian. See Hunger, n.] 1. To feel the craving or uneasiness occasioned by want of food; to be oppressed by hunger. 2. To have an eager desire; to long. Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteouness. --Matt. v. 6.

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Hunger Hun"ger, v. t. To make hungry; to famish.

Collin's Cobuild Dictionary

(hungers, hungering, hungered) 1. Hunger is the feeling of weakness or discomfort that you get when you need something to eat. Hunger is the body's signal that levels of blood sugar are too low... The nutritionally balanced menus are designed to help you lose up to a pound a day without hunger pangs. 2. Hunger is a severe lack of food which causes suffering or death. Three hundred people in this town are dying of hunger every day. = starvation 3. If you have a hunger for something, you want or need it very much. (WRITTEN) Geffen has a hunger for success that seems bottomless. = craving N-SING: also no det, with supp, oft N for n 4. If you say that someone hungers for something or hungers after it, you are emphasizing that they want it very much. (FORMAL) But Jules was not eager for classroom learning, he hungered for adventure. VERB: V for/after n [emphasis]

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

hun'-ger (ra`abh; limos (subs.), peinao (vb.):

(1) The desire for food, a physiological sensation associated with emptiness of the stomach, and dependent on some state of the mucous membrane;

(2) starvation as the effect of want of food, as Ex 16:3; Isa 49:10;

(3) to feel the craving for food as De 8:3; when used to indicate the condition due to general scarcity of food as Jer 38:9; Eze 34:29 it is replaced in the Revised Version (British and American) by "famine." The word is used to express the poverty which follows idleness and sloth (Pr 19:15). The absence of this condition is given as one of the characteristics of the future state of happiness (Isa 49:10; Eze 34:29; Re 7:16). Metaphorically the passionate striving for moral and spiritual rectitude is called hungering and thirsting after righteousness (Mt 5:6); and the satisfaction of the soul which receives Christ is described as a state in which "he shall not hunger" (Joh 6:35).

On two occasions it is said of our Lord that He hungered (Mt 21:18; Lu 4:2); 9 times the old English expression "an hungred" is used, the "an" being a prefix which indicates that the condition is being continued (Mt 12:1,3; 25:35,37,42,44; Mr 2:25; Lu 6:3 the King James Version). In Mt 4:2 the King James Version, "an hungred" has been changed to "hungered" in the Revised Version (British and American). "Hard bestead and hungry" in Isa 8:21 means bested (that is, placed) in a condition of hardship, "sore distressed," the American Standard Revised Version. The word occurs in Spenser, "Thus ill bestedd and fearful more of shame" (I, i, 24). The reference of the aggravation of the sensation of hunger when one who is starving awakes from a dream of food (Isa 29:8) is graphically illustrated by the experience of the antarctic voyager (Shackleton, Heart of the Antarctic, II, 9).

Alexander Macalister

Soule's Dictionary of English Synonyms

I. n. Craving appetite (for food), craving for food. II. v. n. 1. Feel hunger, feel hungry, be hungry, crave food, want nourishment. 2. Long, hanker, feel longing desire, desire eagerly, pine.

Foolish Dictionary

Ability to eat in a Night Lunch Cart.

Moby Thesaurus

ache, an universal wolf, appetence, appetency, appetite, appetition, aspire after, be ravenous, break bread, canine appetite, cannibalism, carnivorism, carnivority, carnivorousness, chewing, consumption, count calories, covet, coveting, crave, crave after, craving, crawl after, cropping, cupidity, deglutition, desire, devouring, devourment, diet, dieting, dining, drought, dryness, eat, eating, emptiness, empty stomach, epulation, eye hungrily, fall to, famine, fare, feasting, feed, feeding, feel hungry, gluttony, gobbling, grazing, hanker, hanker after, hankering, have a tapeworm, herbivorism, herbivority, herbivorousness, hollow hunger, hunger after, hunger for, hungriness, ingestion, itch, itching, licking, longing, lust, lust after, manducation, mania, mastication, messing, munching, nibbling, nutrition, omnivorism, omnivorousness, omophagy, pant after, pantophagy, partake, partake of, pasture, pasturing, pecking, pine, pitch in, polydipsia, prurience, pruriency, raven, ravenousness, regalement, relish, relishing, rumination, run mad after, savor, savoring, sexual desire, sigh, starvation, starve, stomach, sweet tooth, take, tapeworm, taste, tasting, thirst, thirst after, thirst for, thirstiness, torment of Tantalus, vegetarianism, voraciousness, voracity, want, wolfing, yearn, yearning, yen

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