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Hughes, (James Mercer) Langston definitions

Britannica Concise

U.S. poet and writer. Born in Joplin, Mo., he published the poem "The Negro Speaks of Rivers" when he was 19, briefly attended Columbia Univ., and worked on an Africa-bound freighter. His career was dramatically launched when Hughes, working as a busboy, presented his poems to V. Lindsay as he dined. His poetry collections include The Weary Blues (1926) and Montage of a Dream Deferred (1951). His later The Panther and the Lash (1967) reflects black anger and militancy. Among his other works are short stories (incl. The Ways of White Folks, 1934), autobiographies, many works for the stage (incl. lyrics for K. Weill's Street Scene), anthologies, and translations of poetry by F. Garcí a Lorca and G. Mistral. His well-known comic character Jesse B. Semple, called Simple, appeared in his newspaper columns.

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