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Hopeless definitions

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

HO'PELESS, a. Destitute of hope; having no expectation of that which is desirable; despairing.
I am a woman, friendless, hopeless.
1. Giving no ground of hope or expectation of good; promising nothing desirable; desperate; as a hopeless condition.

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: without hope because there seems to be no possibility of comfort or success; "in an agony of hopeless grief"; "with a hopeless sigh he sat down" [ant: hopeful]
2: of a person unable to do something skillfully; "I'm hopeless at mathematics"
3: certain to fail; "the situation is hopeless"
4: (informal to emphasize how bad it is) beyond hope of management or reform; "she handed me a hopeless jumble of papers"; "he is a hopeless romantic"

Merriam Webster's

adjective Date: 1534 1. a. having no expectation of good or success ; despairing b. not susceptible to remedy or cure c. incapable of redemption or improvement 2. a. giving no ground for hope ; desperate b. incapable of solution, management, or accomplishment ; impossible Synonyms: see despondent hopelessness noun

Oxford Reference Dictionary

adj. 1 feeling no hope. 2 admitting no hope (a hopeless case). 3 inadequate, incompetent (am hopeless at tennis). Derivatives: hopelessly adv. hopelessness n.

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Hopeless Hope"less, a. 1. Destitute of hope; having no expectation of good; despairing. I am a woman, friendless, hopeless. --Shak. 2. Giving no ground of hope; promising nothing desirable; desperate; as, a hopeless cause. The hopelessword of ``never to return'' Breathe I against thee, upon pain of life. --Shak. 3. Unhoped for; despaired of. [Obs.] --Marston. -- Hope"less*ly, adv. -- Hope"less*ness, n.

Collin's Cobuild Dictionary

1. If you feel hopeless, you feel very unhappy because there seems to be no possibility of a better situation or success. He had not heard her cry before in this uncontrolled, hopeless way... The economic crisis makes jobs almost impossible to find and even able pupils feel hopeless about job prospects. ADJ hopelessly I looked around hopelessly. ADV: ADV after v, ADV prep hopelessness She had a feeling of hopelessness about the future. 2. Someone or something thing that is hopeless is certain to fail or be unsuccessful. I don't believe your situation is as hopeless as you think. If you love each other, you'll work it out... ADJ 3. If someone is hopeless at something, they are very bad at it. (INFORMAL) I'd be hopeless at working for somebody else... ADJ: oft ADJ at n 4. You use hopeless to emphasize how bad or inadequate something or someone is. Argentina's economic policies were a hopeless mess. ADJ [emphasis] hopelessly Harry was hopelessly lost... ADV: usu ADV adj/-ed/prep, also ADV after v

Soule's Dictionary of English Synonyms

a. 1. Despairing, desperate, forlorn, disconsolate, downcast, crushed. 2. Remediless, irremediable, incurable, past cure, helpless, past help. 3. Impossible, impracticable.

Moby Thesaurus

Laodicean, Olympian, Pollyanna, absurd, affording no hope, aloof, apathetic, bad, barred, benumbed, blah, blase, bleak, bootless, cheerless, closed-out, comatose, comfortless, contrary to reason, cureless, deadly, deficient, dejected, depressed, desensitized, despaired of, despairing, desperate, despondent, desponding, detached, disconsolate, discouraged, disinterested, dismal, done for, downcast, dull, dying, excluded, expiring, facing death, fatal, forlorn, funereal, futile, given up, gloomy, glum, going, gone, grim, heartless, hebetudinous, hoper, immedicable, impossible, impracticable, in a stupor, in articulo mortis, in despair, in extremis, inadequate, incapable of life, incompetent, inconceivable, inconsolable, incorrigible, incurable, indifferent, inept, inferior, insoluble, insouciant, irredeemable, irremediable, irreparable, irretrievable, languid, lethal, lethargic, listless, logically impossible, lost, low, lugubrious, melancholy, miserable, moribund, morose, near death, nonchalant, nonviable, not possible, numb, numbed, oxymoronic, paradoxical, passive, phlegmatic, pluckless, pointless, poor, preposterous, prohibited, resigned, ridiculous, ruled-out, sad, self-contradictory, sinking, slack, slipping, slipping away, sluggish, soporific, sorrowful, spiritless, spunkless, stoic, stupefied, supine, terminal, torpid, unavailing, uncaring, unconcerned, uncorrectable, unfit, unhappy, unhopeful, unimaginable, uninterested, unqualified, unthinkable, unworkable, useless, vain, withdrawn, without hope, woebegone, worthless, wretched

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