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henry definitions

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: a unit of inductance in which an induced electromotive force of one volt is produced when the current is varied at the rate of one ampere per second [syn: henry, H]
2: English chemist who studied the quantities of gas absorbed by water at different temperatures and under different pressures (1775-1836) [syn: Henry, William Henry]
3: a leader of the American Revolution and a famous orator who spoke out against British rule of the American colonies (1736-1799) [syn: Henry, Patrick Henry]
4: United States physicist who studied electromagnetic phenomena (1791-1878) [syn: Henry, Joseph Henry]

Merriam Webster's

noun (plural henrys or henries) Etymology: Joseph Henry Date: circa 1890 the practical meter-kilogram-second unit of inductance equal to the self-inductance of a circuit or the mutual inductance of two circuits in which the variation of one ampere per second results in an induced electromotive force of one volt

Merriam Webster's

I. biographical name name of 8 kings of England: I 1068-1135 (reigned 1100-35); II 1133-1189 (reigned 1154-89); III 1207-1272 (reigned 1216-72); IV 1366-1413 (reigned 1399-1413); V 1387-1422 (reigned 1413-22); VI 1421-1471 (reigned 1422-61 & 1470-71); VII 1457-1509 (reigned 1485-1509); VIII 1491-1547 (reigned 1509-47) II. biographical name name of 4 kings of France: I circa 1008-1060 (reigned 1031-60); II 1519-1559 (reigned 1547-59); III 1551-1589 (reigned 1574-89); IV (Henry III of Navarre) 1553-1610 (reigned 1589-1610) III. biographical name 1394-1460 the Navigator Portuguese prince IV. biographical name Joseph 1797-1878 American physicist V. biographical name O. see William Sydney porter VI. biographical name Patrick 1736-1799 American statesman & orator

Oxford Reference Dictionary

n. (pl. -ies or henrys) Electr. the SI unit of inductance which gives an electromotive force of one volt in a closed circuit with a uniform rate of change of current of one ampere per second. Usage: Abbr.: H. Etymology: J. Henry, Amer. physicist d. 1878

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Henry Hen"ry, n.; pl. Henrys. [From Joseph Henry, an American physicist.] The unit of electric induction; the induction in a circuit when the electro-motive force induced in this circuit is one volt, while the inducing current varies at the rate of one amp[`e]re a second.


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