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Gram's stain definitions

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: a staining technique used to classify bacteria; bacteria are stained with gentian violet and then treated with Gram's solution; after being decolorized with alcohol and treated with safranine and washed in water, those that retain the gentian violet are Gram-positive and those that do not retain it are Gram-negative [syn: Gram's method, Gram method, Gram's procedure, Gram's stain, Gram stain]

Merriam Webster's

or Gram stain noun Etymology: Hans C. J. Gram died 1938 Danish physician Date: 1903 1. a method for the differential staining of bacteria by treatment with a watery solution of iodine and the iodide of potassium after staining with a triphenylmethane dye (as crystal violet) called also Gram's method 2. the chemicals used in Gram's stain

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