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fossick definitions

Merriam Webster's

verb Etymology: English dialect fossick to ferret out Date: 1852 intransitive verb 1. Australian & New Zealand to search for gold or gemstones typically by picking over abandoned workings 2. chiefly Australian & New Zealand to search about ; rummage transitive verb chiefly Australian & New Zealand to search for by or as if by rummaging ; ferret out fossicker noun, chiefly Australian & New Zealand

Oxford Reference Dictionary

v.intr. Austral. & NZ colloq. 1 (foll. by about, around) rummage, search. 2 search for gold etc. in abandoned workings. Derivatives: fossicker n. Etymology: 19th c.: cf. dial. fossick bustle about

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Fossick Fos"sick, v. i. [Dial. E. fossick, fossuck, a troublesome person, fussick to potter over one's work, fussock to bustle about; of uncertain origin. Cf. Fuss.] 1. (Mining) To search for gold by picking at stone or earth or among roots in isolated spots, picking over abandoned workings, etc.; hence, to steal gold or auriferous matter from another's claim. [Australia] 2. To search about; to rummage. A man who has fossicked in nature's byways. --D. Macdonald.

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