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fly in the ointment definitions

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: an inconvenience that detracts from the usefulness of something

Merriam Webster's

phrasal a detracting factor or element

Collin's Cobuild Dictionary

see ointment

Moby Thesaurus

abomination, atrocity, bad, bane, befoulment, blemish, blight, block, blockade, bottleneck, bug, catch, cordon, corruption, crack, crying evil, curtain, damage, defect, defection, deficiency, defilement, despoliation, destruction, determent, deterrent, detriment, difficulty, drawback, evil, failing, failure, fault, faute, flaw, foible, frailty, grievance, hang-up, harm, havoc, hazard, hitch, hole, hurdle, hurt, ill, imperfection, inadequacy, infection, infirmity, injury, joker, kink, little problem, mischief, objection, obstacle, obstruction, obstructive, one small difficulty, outrage, poison, pollution, problem, rift, rub, shortcoming, snag, something missing, stumbling block, stumbling stone, taint, the worst, toxin, venom, vexation, vulnerable place, weak link, weak point, weakness, woe, wrong


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