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Flaccidness definitions

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

FLAG, v.i. [L. flacceo. See Flaccid. The sense is primarily to bend, or rather to recede, to lag.]
1. To hang loose without stiffness; to bend down as flexible bodies; to be loose and yielding; as the flagging sails.
2. To grow spiritless or dejected; to droop; to grow languid; as, the spirits flag.
3. To grow weak; to lose vigor; as, the strength flags.
4. To become dull or languid.
The pleasures of the town begin to flag.
FLAG, v.t. To let fall into feebleness; to suffer to drop; as, to flag the wings.
FLAG, n. A flat stone, or a pavement of flat stones.
FLAG, v.t. To lay with flat stones.
The sides and floor were all flagged with excellent marble.
FLAG, n. An aquatic plant, with a bladed leaf, probably so called from its bending or yielding to the wind.
FLAG, n.
An ensign or colors; a cloth on which are usually painted or wrought certain figures, and borne on a staff. In the army, a banner by which one regiment is distinguished from another. In the marine, a banner or standard by which the ships of one nation are distinguished from those of another, or by which an admiral is distinguished from other ships of his squadron. In the British navy, an admiral's flag is displayed at the main-top-gallant-mast-head, a vice-admiral's at the fore-top-gallant-mast-head, and a rear-admiral's at the mizen-top-gallant-mast-head.
To strike or lower the flag, is to pull it down upon the cap in token of respect or submission. To strike the flag in an engagement, is the sign of surrendering.
To hang out the white flag, is to ask quarter; or in some cases, to manifest a friendly design. The red flag, is a sign of defiance or battle.
To hang the flag half mast high, is a token or signal of mourning.
Flag-officer, an admiral; the commander of a squadron.
Flag-ship, the ship which bears the admiral, and in which his flag is displayed.
Flag-staff, the staff that elevates the flag.

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Flaccid Flac"cid, a. [L. flaccidus, fr. flaccus flabby: cf. OF. flaccide.] Yielding to pressure for want of firmness and stiffness; soft and weak; limber; lax; drooping; flabby; as, a flaccid muscle; flaccid flesh. Religious profession . . . has become flacced. --I. Taylor. -- Flac"cid*ly, adv. -- Flac"cid*ness, n.

Soule's Dictionary of English Synonyms

n. See flaccidity

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