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feeding bottle definitions

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: a vessel fitted with a flexible teat and filled with milk or formula; used as a substitute for breast feeding infants and very young children [syn: bottle, feeding bottle, nursing bottle]

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Bottle Bot"tle, n. [OE. bote, botelle, OF. botel, bouteille, F. bouteille, fr. LL. buticula, dim. of butis, buttis, butta, flask. Cf. Butt a cask.] 1. A hollow vessel, usually of glass or earthenware (but formerly of leather), with a narrow neck or mouth, for holding liquids. 2. The contents of a bottle; as much as a bottle contains; as, to drink a bottle of wine. 3. Fig.: Intoxicating liquor; as, to drown one's reason in the bottle. Note: Bottle is much used adjectively, or as the first part of a compound. Bottle ale, bottled ale. [Obs.] --Shak. Bottle brush, a cylindrical brush for cleansing the interior of bottles. Bottle fish (Zo["o]l.), a kind of deep-sea eel (Saccopharynx ampullaceus), remarkable for its baglike gullet, which enables it to swallow fishes two or three times its won size. Bottle flower. (Bot.) Same as Bluebottle. Bottle glass, a coarse, green glass, used in the manufacture of bottles. --Ure. Bottle gourd (Bot.), the common gourd or calabash (Lagenaria Vulgaris), whose shell is used for bottles, dippers, etc. Bottle grass (Bot.), a nutritious fodder grass (Setaria glauca and S. viridis); -- called also foxtail, and green foxtail. Bottle tit (Zo["o]l.), the European long-tailed titmouse; -- so called from the shape of its nest. Bottle tree (Bot.), an Australian tree (Sterculia rupestris), with a bottle-shaped, or greatly swollen, trunk. Feeding bottle, Nursing bottle, a bottle with a rubber nipple (generally with an intervening tube), used in feeding infants.

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Feeding Feed"ing, n. 1. the act of eating, or of supplying with food; the process of fattening. 2. That which is eaten; food. 3. That which furnishes or affords food, especially for animals; pasture land. Feeding bottle. See under Bottle.

Collin's Cobuild Dictionary

also feeding-bottle(feeding bottles) A feeding bottle is a plastic bottle with a special rubber top through which a baby can suck milk or other liquids. (mainly BRIT; in AM, use nursing bottle) N-COUNT


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