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Drop definitions

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

DROP, n. [G.]
1. A small portion of any fluid in a spherical form, which falls at once from any body, or a globule of any fluid which is pendent, as if about to fall; a small portion of water falling in rain; as a drop of water; a drop of blood; a drop of laudanum.
2. A diamond hanging from the ear; an earring; something hanging in the form of a drop.
3. A very small quantity of liquor; as, he had not drank a drop.
4. The part of a gallows which sustains the criminal before he is executed, and which is suddenly dropped.

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: a shape that is spherical and small; "he studied the shapes of low-viscosity drops"; "beads of sweat on his forehead" [syn: drop, bead, pearl]
2: a small indefinite quantity (especially of a liquid); "he had a drop too much to drink"; "a drop of each sample was analyzed"; "there is not a drop of pity in that man"; "years afterward, they would pay the blood-money, driblet by driblet"--Kipling [syn: drop, drib, driblet]
3: a sudden sharp decrease in some quantity; "a drop of 57 points on the Dow Jones index"; "there was a drop in pressure in the pulmonary artery"; "a dip in prices"; "when that became known the price of their stock went into free fall" [syn: drop, dip, fall, free fall]
4: a steep high face of rock; "he stood on a high cliff overlooking the town"; "a steep drop" [syn: cliff, drop, drop-off]
5: a predetermined hiding place for the deposit and distribution of illicit goods (such as drugs or stolen property)
6: a free and rapid descent by the force of gravity; "it was a miracle that he survived the drop from that height" [syn: drop, fall]
7: a curtain that can be lowered and raised onto a stage from the flies; often used as background scenery [syn: drop curtain, drop cloth, drop]
8: a central depository where things can be left or picked up
9: the act of dropping something; "they expected the drop would be successful" v
1: let fall to the ground; "Don't drop the dishes"
2: to fall vertically; "the bombs are dropping on enemy targets"
3: go down in value; "Stock prices dropped"
4: fall or descend to a lower place or level; "He sank to his knees" [syn: sink, drop, drop down]
5: terminate an association with; "drop him from the Republican ticket"
6: utter with seeming casualness; "drop a hint"; drop names"
7: stop pursuing or acting; "drop a lawsuit"; "knock it off!" [syn: drop, knock off]
8: leave or unload; "unload the cargo"; "drop off the passengers at the hotel" [syn: drop, drop off, set down, put down, unload, discharge]
9: cause to fall by or as if by delivering a blow; "strike down a tree"; "Lightning struck down the hikers" [syn: fell, drop, strike down, cut down]
10: lose (a game); "The Giants dropped 11 of their first 13"
11: pay out; "spend money" [syn: spend, expend, drop]
12: lower the pitch of (musical notes) [syn: flatten, drop] [ant: sharpen]
13: hang freely; "the ornaments dangled from the tree"; "The light dropped from the ceiling" [syn: dangle, swing, drop]
14: stop associating with; "They dropped her after she had a child out of wedlock" [syn: dismiss, send packing, send away, drop]
15: let or cause to fall in drops; "dribble oil into the mixture" [syn: dribble, drip, drop]
16: get rid of; "he shed his image as a pushy boss"; "shed your clothes" [syn: shed, cast, cast off, shake off, throw, throw off, throw away, drop]
17: take (a drug, especially LSD), by mouth; "She dropped acid when she was a teenager"
18: omit (a letter or syllable) in speaking or writing; " New Englanders drop their post-vocalic r's"
19: leave undone or leave out; "How could I miss that typo?"; "The workers on the conveyor belt miss one out of ten" [syn: neglect, pretermit, omit, drop, miss, leave out, overlook, overleap] [ant: attend to, take to heart]
20: change from one level to another; "She dropped into army jargon"
21: fall or sink into a state of exhaustion or death; "shop til you drop"
22: grow worse; "Her condition deteriorated"; "Conditions in the slums degenerated"; "The discussion devolved into a shouting match" [syn: devolve, deteriorate, drop, degenerate] [ant: convalesce, recover, recuperate]
23: give birth; used for animals; "The cow dropped her calf this morning"

Merriam Webster's

I. noun Usage: often attributive Etymology: Middle English, from Old English dropa; akin to Old High German tropfo drop Date: before 12th century 1. a. (1) the quantity of fluid that falls in one spherical mass (2) plural a dose of medicine measured by drops <eye drops for dilating the pupil of the eye> b. a minute quantity or degree of something nonmaterial or intangible c. a small quantity of drink d. the smallest practical unit of liquid measure 2. something that resembles a liquid drop: as a. a pendent ornament attached to a piece of jewelry; also an earring with such a pendant b. a small globular cookie or candy 3. [drop (II)] a. the act or an instance of dropping ; fall b. a decline in quantity or quality c. a descent by parachute; also the people or equipment dropped by parachute d. a place or central depository to which something (as mail, money, or stolen property) is brought for distribution or transmission; also the act of depositing something at such a place <made the drop> 4. a. the distance from a higher to a lower level or through which something drops b. a decrease in electric potential 5. a slot into which something is to be dropped 6. [drop (II)] something that drops, hangs, or falls: as a. a movable plate that covers the keyhole of a lock b. an unframed piece of cloth stage scenery; also drop curtain c. a hinged platform on a gallows d. a fallen fruit 7. the advantage of having an opponent covered with a firearm; broadly advantage, superiority usually used in the phrase get the drop on 8. a move back from the line of scrimmage (as in preparation for making a forward pass) <a quick drop> II. verb (dropped; dropping) Date: before 12th century intransitive verb 1. to fall in drops 2. a. (1) to fall unexpectedly or suddenly (2) to descend from one line or level to another b. to fall in a state of collapse or death c. of a card to become played by reason of the obligation to follow suit d. of a ball to fall or roll into a hole or basket 3. to enter or pass as if without conscious effort of will into some state, condition, or activity <dropped into sleep> 4. a. to cease to be of concern ; lapse <let the matter drop> b. to pass from view or notice ; disappear often used with out <drop out of sight> c. to become less <production dropped> often used with off 5. to move with a favoring wind or current usually used with down transitive verb 1. to let fall ; cause to fall 2. a. give up 2, abandon <drop an idea> <drop the charges> b. discontinue <dropped what she was doing> c. to break off an association or connection with ; dismiss <drop a failing student> 3. a. to utter or mention in a casual way <drop a suggestion> <drop names> b. write <drop us a line soon> 4. a. to lower or cause to descend from one level or position to another b. to cause to lessen or decrease ; reduce <dropped his speed> 5. of an animal to give birth to 6. a. lose <dropped three games> <dropped $50 in a poker game> b. spend <drop $20 for lunch> c. to get rid of <dropped 20 pounds> 7. a. to bring down with a shot or a blow b. to cause (a high card) to fall c. to toss or roll into a hole or basket <drop a putt> 8. a. to deposit or deliver during a usually brief stop usually used with off <drop the kids off at school> b. air-drop 9. to cause (the voice) to be less loud 10. a. to leave (a letter representing a speech sound) unsounded <drop the g in running> b. to leave out in writing ; omit 11. to draw from an external point <drop a perpendicular to the line> 12. to take (a drug) orally ; swallow <drop acid> droppable adjective

Oxford Reference Dictionary

n. & v. --n. 1 a a small round or pear-shaped portion of liquid that hangs or falls or adheres to a surface (drops of dew; tears fell in large drops). b a very small amount of usu. drinkable liquid (just a drop left in the glass). c a glass etc. of alcoholic liquor (take a drop with us). 2 a an abrupt fall or slope. b the amount of this (a drop of fifteen feet). c an act of falling or dropping (had a nasty drop). d a reduction in prices, temperature, etc. e a deterioration or worsening (a drop in status). 3 something resembling a drop, esp.: a a pendant or earring. b a crystal ornament on a chandelier etc. c (often in comb.) a sweet or lozenge (pear-drop; cough drop). 4 something that drops or is dropped, esp.: a Theatr. a painted curtain or scenery let down on to the stage. b a platform or trapdoor on a gallows, the opening of which causes the victim to fall. 5 Med. a the smallest separable quantity of a liquid. b (in pl.) liquid medicine to be measured in drops (eye drops). 6 a minute quantity (not a drop of pity). 7 sl. a a hiding-place for stolen or illicit goods. b a secret place where documents etc. may be left or passed on in espionage. 8 sl. a bribe. 9 US a box for letters etc. --v. (dropped, dropping) 1 intr. & tr. fall or let fall in drops (tears dropped on to the book; dropped the soup down his shirt). 2 intr. & tr. fall or allow to fall; relinquish; let go (dropped the box; the egg dropped from my hand). 3 a intr. & tr. sink or cause to sink or fall to the ground from exhaustion, a blow, a wound, etc. b intr. die. 4 a intr. & tr. cease or cause to cease; lapse or let lapse; abandon (the connection dropped; dropped the friendship; drop everything and come at once). b tr. colloq. cease to associate with. 5 tr. set down (a passenger etc.) (drop me at the station). 6 tr. & intr. utter or be uttered casually (dropped a hint; the remark dropped into the conversation). 7 tr. send casually (drop me a postcard). 8 a intr. & tr. fall or allow to fall in direction, amount, condition, degree, pitch, etc. (his voice dropped; the wind dropped; we dropped the price by £20; the road dropped southwards). b intr. (of a person) jump down lightly; let oneself fall. c tr. remove (clothes, esp. trousers) rapidly, allowing them to fall to the ground. 9 tr. colloq. lose (money, esp. in gambling). 10 tr. omit (a letter, esp. aitch, a syllable etc.) in speech. 11 tr. (as dropped adj.) in a lower position than usual (dropped handlebars; dropped waist). 12 tr. give birth to (esp. a lamb, a kitten, etc.). 13 a intr. (of a card) be played in the same trick as a higher card. b tr. play or cause (a card) to be played in this way. 14 tr. Sport lose (a game, a point, a contest, a match, etc.). 15 tr. Aeron. deliver (supplies etc.) by parachute. 16 tr. Football a send (a ball) by a drop-kick. b score (a goal) by a drop-kick. 17 tr. colloq. dismiss or omit (was dropped from the team). Phrases and idioms: at the drop of a hat given the slightest excuse. drop anchor anchor ship. drop asleep fall gently asleep. drop away decrease or depart gradually. drop back (or behind or to the rear) fall back; get left behind. drop back into return to (a habit etc.). drop a brick colloq. make an indiscreet or embarrassing remark. drop-curtain (or -scene) Theatr. a painted curtain or scenery (cf. sense 4 of n.). drop a curtsy make a curtsy. drop dead! sl. an exclamation of intense scorn. drop down descend a hill etc. drop-forging a method of forcing white-hot metal through an open-ended die by a heavy weight. drop-hammer a heavy weight raised mechanically and allowed to drop, as used in drop-forging and pile-driving. drop-head Brit. the adjustable fabric roof of a car. drop in (or by) colloq. call casually as a visitor. drop-in centre a meeting-place where people may call casually for advice, conversation, etc. a drop in the ocean (or a bucket) a very small amount, esp. compared with what is needed or expected. drop into colloq. 1 call casually at (a place). 2 fall into (a habit etc.). drop it! sl. stop that! drop-kick Football a kick made by dropping the ball and kicking it on the bounce. drop-leaf (of a table etc.) having a hinged flap. drop off 1 decline gradually. 2 colloq. fall asleep. 3 = sense 5 of v. drop on reprimand or punish. drop out colloq. cease to participate, esp. in a race, a course of study, or in conventional society. drop-out n. 1 colloq. a person who has dropped out. 2 the restarting of a game by a drop-kick. drop scone Brit. a small thick pancake made by dropping batter into a frying pan etc. drop-shot (in lawn tennis) a shot dropping abruptly over the net. drop a stitch let a stitch fall off the end of a knitting-needle. drop-test Engin. n. a test done by dropping under standard conditions. --v.tr. carry out a drop-test on. drop to sl. become aware of. fit (or ready) to drop extremely tired. have the drop on colloq. have the advantage over. have had a drop too much colloq. be slightly drunk. Derivatives: droplet n. Etymology: OE dropa, dropian ult. f. Gmc: cf. DRIP, DROOP

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Drop Drop, n. [OE. drope, AS. dropa; akin to OS. dropo, D. drop, OHG. tropo, G. tropfen, Icel. dropi, Sw. droppe; and Fr. AS. dre['o]pan to drip, drop; akin to OS. driopan, D. druipen, OHG. triofan, G. triefen, Icel. drj?pa. Cf. Drip, Droop.] 1. The quantity of fluid which falls in one small spherical mass; a liquid globule; a minim; hence, also, the smallest easily measured portion of a fluid; a small quantity; as, a drop of water. With minute drops from off the eaves. --Milton. As dear to me as are the ruddy drops That visit my sad heart. -- Shak. That drop of peace divine. --Keble. 2. That which resembles, or that which hangs like, a liquid drop; as a hanging diamond ornament, an earring, a glass pendant on a chandelier, a sugarplum (sometimes medicated), or a kind of shot or slug. 3. (Arch.) (a) Same as Gutta. (b) Any small pendent ornament. 4. Whatever is arranged to drop, hang, or fall from an elevated position; also, a contrivance for lowering something; as: (a) A door or platform opening downward; a trap door; that part of the gallows on which a culprit stands when he is to be hanged; hence, the gallows itself. (b) A machine for lowering heavy weights, as packages, coal wagons, etc., to a ship's deck. (c) A contrivance for temporarily lowering a gas jet. (d) A curtain which drops or falls in front of the stage of a theater, etc. (e) A drop press or drop hammer. (f) (Mach.) The distance of the axis of a shaft below the base of a hanger. 5. pl. Any medicine the dose of which is measured by drops; as, lavender drops. 6. (Naut.) The depth of a square sail; -- generally applied to the courses only. --Ham. Nav. Encyc. 7. Act of dropping; sudden fall or descent. Ague drop, Black drop. See under Ague, Black. Drop by drop, in small successive quantities; in repeated portions. ``Made to taste drop by drop more than the bitterness of death.'' --Burke. Drop curtain. See Drop, n., 4. (d) . Drop forging. (Mech.) (a) A forging made in dies by a drop hammer. (b) The process of making drop forgings. Drop hammer (Mech.), a hammer for forging, striking up metal, etc., the weight being raised by a strap or similar device, and then released to drop on the metal resting on an anvil or die. Drop kick (Football), a kick given to the ball as it rebounds after having been dropped from the hands. Drop lake, a pigment obtained from Brazil wood. --Mollett. Drop letter, a letter to be delivered from the same office where posted. Drop press (Mech.), a drop hammer; sometimes, a dead-stroke hammer; -- also called drop. Drop scene, a drop curtain on which a scene is painted. See Drop, n., 4. (d) . Drop seed. (Bot.) See the List under Glass. Drop serene. (Med.) See Amaurosis.

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Drop Drop, v. i. 1. To fall in drops. The kindly dew drops from the higher tree, And wets the little plants that lowly dwell. --Spenser. 2. To fall, in general, literally or figuratively; as, ripe fruit drops from a tree; wise words drop from the lips. Mutilations of which the meaning has dropped out of memory. --H. Spencer. When the sound of dropping nuts is heard. --Bryant. 3. To let drops fall; to discharge itself in drops. The heavens . . . dropped at the presence of God. --Ps. lxviii. 8. 4. To fall dead, or to fall in death. Nothing, says Seneca, so soon reconciles us to the thoughts of our own death, as the prospect of one friend after another dropping round us. --Digby. 5. To come to an end; to cease; to pass out of mind; as, the affair dropped. --Pope. 6. To come unexpectedly; -- with in or into; as, my old friend dropped in a moment. --Steele. Takes care to drop in when he thinks you are just seated. --Spectator. 7. To fall or be depressed; to lower; as, the point of the spear dropped a little. 8. To fall short of a mark. [R.] Often it drops or overshoots by the disproportion of distance. --Collier. 9. To be deep in extent; to descend perpendicularly; as, her main topsail drops seventeen yards. To drop astern (Naut.), to go astern of another vessel; to be left behind; to slacken the speed of a vessel so as to fall behind and to let another pass a head. To drop down (Naut.), to sail, row, or move down a river, or toward the sea. To drop off, to fall asleep gently; also, to die. [Colloq.]

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Drop Drop, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Droppedor Dropt; p. pr. & vb. n. Dropping.] [OE. droppen, AS. dropan, v. i. See Drop, n.] 1. To pour or let fall in drops; to pour in small globules; to distill. ``The trees drop balsam.'' --Creech. The recording angel, as he wrote it down, dropped a tear upon the word and blotted it out forever. --Sterne. 2. To cause to fall in one portion, or by one motion, like a drop; to let fall; as, to drop a line in fishing; to drop a courtesy. 3. To let go; to dismiss; to set aside; to have done with; to discontinue; to forsake; to give up; to omit. They suddenly drop't the pursuit. --S. Sharp. That astonishing ease with which fine ladies drop you and pick you up again. --Thackeray. The connection had been dropped many years. -- Sir W. Scott. Dropping the too rough H in Hell and Heaven. --Tennyson. 4. To bestow or communicate by a suggestion; to let fall in an indirect, cautious, or gentle manner; as, to drop hint, a word of counsel, etc. 5. To lower, as a curtain, or the muzzle of a gun, etc. 6. To send, as a letter; as, please drop me a line, a letter, word. 7. To give birth to; as, to drop a lamb. 8. To cover with drops; to variegate; to bedrop. Show to the sun their waved coats dropped with gold. --Milton. To drop a vessel (Naut.), to leave it astern in a race or a chase; to outsail it.

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Gutta Gut"ta, n.; pl. Gutt[AE]. [L.] 1. A drop. 2. (Arch.) One of a series of ornaments, in the form of a frustum of a cone, attached to the lower part of the triglyphs, and also to the lower faces of the mutules, in the Doric order; -- called also campana, and drop. Gutta serena [L., lit. serene or clear drop] (Med.), amaurosis. Gutt[ae] band> (Arch.), the listel or band from which the gutt[ae] hang.

Collin's Cobuild Dictionary

(drops, dropping, dropped) Frequency: The word is one of the 1500 most common words in English. 1. If a level or amount drops or if someone or something drops it, it quickly becomes less. Temperatures can drop to freezing at night... His blood pressure had dropped severely... He had dropped the price of his London home by 1.25m. VERB: V prep/adv, V, V n Drop is also a noun. He was prepared to take a drop in wages... N-COUNT: usu sing, oft N in n 2. If you drop something, you accidentally let it fall. I dropped my glasses and broke them. VERB: V n 3. If something drops onto something else, it falls onto that thing. If something drops from somewhere, it falls from that place. He felt hot tears dropping onto his fingers... VERB: V prep/adv 4. If you drop something somewhere or if it drops there, you deliberately let it fall there. Drop the noodles into the water... ...shaped pots that simply drop into their own container... Bombs drop round us and the floor shudders. VERB: V n prep/adv, V prep/adv, V dropping ...the dropping of the first atomic bomb. N-UNCOUNT: usu N of n 5. If a person or a part of their body drops to a lower position, or if they drop a part of their body to a lower position, they move to that position, often in a tired and lifeless way. Nancy dropped into a nearby chair... She let her head drop... He dropped his hands on to his knees. VERB: V prep/adv, V, V n prep/adv 6. To drop is used in expressions such as to be about to drop and to dance until you drop to emphasize that you are exhausted and can no longer continue doing something. She looked about to drop... VERB: no cont, V [emphasis] 7. If a man drops his trousers, he pulls them down, usually as a joke or to be rude. A couple of boozy revellers dropped their trousers. VERB: V n 8. If your voice drops or if you drop your voice, you speak more quietly. Her voice will drop to a dismissive whisper... He dropped his voice and glanced round at the door. VERB: V to n, V n 9. If you drop someone or something somewhere, you take them somewhere and leave them there, usually in a car or other vehicle. He dropped me outside the hotel... VERB: V n prep/adv Drop off means the same as drop. Just drop me off at the airport... He was dropping off a late birthday present. PHRASAL VERB: V n P prep/adv, V P n (not pron) 10. If you drop an idea, course of action, or habit, you do not continue with it. The prosecution was forced to drop the case... VERB: V n dropping This was one of the factors that led to President Suharto's dropping of his previous objections. N-UNCOUNT: N of n 11. If someone is dropped by a sports team or organization, they are no longer included in that team or employed by that organization. The country's captain was dropped from the tour party to England. VERB: usu passive, be V-ed 12. If you drop a game or part of a game in a sports competition, you lose it. Oremans has yet to drop a set. VERB: V n 13. If you drop to a lower position in a sports competition, you move to that position. Britain has dropped from second to third place in the league. VERB: V prep/adv 14. A drop of a liquid is a very small amount of it shaped like a little ball. In informal English, you can also use drop when you are referring to a very small amount of something such as a drink. ...a drop of blue ink... I'll have another drop of that Italian milk. N-COUNT: oft N of n 15. Drops are a kind of medicine which you put drop by drop into your ears, eyes, or nose. ...eye drops. N-PLURAL: oft n N 16. Fruit or chocolate drops are small round sweets with a fruit or chocolate flavour. N-COUNT: usu pl, n N 17. You use drop to talk about vertical distances. For example, a thirty-foot drop is a distance of thirty feet between the top of a cliff or wall and the bottom of it. There was a sheer drop just outside my window... N-COUNT: usu with supp 18. If you drop a hint, you give a hint or say something in a casual way. If I drop a few hints he might give me a cutting. PHRASE: V inflects 19. If you want someone to drop the subject, drop it, or let it drop, you want them to stop talking about something, often because you are annoyed that they keep talking about it. Mary Ann wished he would just drop it... PHRASE: V inflects 20. to drop dead: see dead at the drop of a hat: see hat a drop in the ocean: see ocean see also air drop

Soule's Dictionary of English Synonyms

I. n. 1. Globule. 2. Ear-ring, pendant. 3. Small quantity, very little, least bit. II. v. a. 1. Distil, send down or let fall in drops. 2. Lower, sink, depress, let down, let fall, let go. 3. Leave, quit, forsake, desert, relinquish, abandon, forswear, give up, give over, omit. 4. Discontinue, intermit, remit, cease, desist from, break off, leave off, lay aside. 5. Bedrop, spot, speckle, variegate. 6. Utter (casually), let fall, insert or state in passing, write or send informally. III. v. n. 1. Distil, fall in drops, drip. 2. Fall suddenly. 3. Cease, come to an end, come to nothing.

1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue

The new drop; a contrivance for executing felons at Newgate, by means of a platform, which drops from under them: this is also called the last drop. See LEAF. See MORNING DROP.

Moby Thesaurus

abandon, abate, abdicate, abeyance, abjure, ablate, acknowledge defeat, act drop, advantage, asbestos, asbestos board, ascend, ax, backdrop, backslide, balm, balsam, bank, bate, batten, be bereaved of, be confined, be eaten away, bead, bear, bear a child, bear young, belly buster, belly flop, belly whopper, bit, black out, block, blow, blow down, blow over, blow to pieces, blow up, boot out, border, bounce, bowl down, bowl over, brain, break, break down, break the habit, bring down, bulge, bulldog, burn out, burn to death, caesura, call off, call on, calve, can, cannonball, cant, careen, cascade, cash in, cast, cast down, cast off, catabasis, cataract, cave in, cease, cease-fire, cede, charge, chop down, chuck, chute, climb, cloth, cock, coign of vantage, collapse, come apart, come by, come down, come off, come unstuck, comedown, condensation, condense, conk out, consume, consume away, corrode, coulisse, counterweight, crack up, crash, crash dive, cross, crumb, crumble, cry quits, curtain, curtain board, cut down, cut out, cut to pieces, cyclorama, dab, dash, dash down, day off, deal a deathblow, death chair, death chamber, debacle, debasement, decadence, decadency, decamp, decease, deceleration, deck, declension, declination, decline, decline and fall, declivity, decor, decrease, decrescendo, deepness, default, defluxion, deformation, degeneracy, degenerateness, degeneration, degradation, deliquesce, demise, demotion, depart, deposit, depravation, depravedness, depreciation, derogation, descend, descending, descension, descent, desert, desist, desist from, deterioration, detonate, devolution, dewdrop, die, die away, diminish, diminuendo, dip, dip down, discard, discharge, discontinue, disgorge, disintegrate, dismiss, dispense with, dispose of, distill, distillation, disuse, ditch, dive, do without, doff, dot, douse, down, downbend, downcome, downcurve, downfall, downflow, downgate, downgrade, downhill, downpour, downrush, downslide, downswing, downtrend, downturn, downward mobility, downward trend, draft, dram, drench, dribble, driblet, drink, drip, dripping, drippings, dripple, droop, drop, drop curtain, drop down, drop in on, drop off, drop out, droplet, dropping, drops, drug, dump, dwindle, dwindling, dying, ebb, edge, effeteness, eject, electric chair, electuary, eliminate, elixir, end, erode, ethical drug, exclude, expire, fade, fading, fail, failing, failure, failure of nerve, faint, fall, fall away, fall down, fall off, fall senseless, falling, falling-off, falloff, farrow, fatigue, fawn, fell, fetch down, filter, fire, fire curtain, fire off, fizzle out, flag, flat, fleck, flipper, floor, flying start, flyspeck, foal, forfeit, forgo, forsake, forswear, frag, gainer, gallows, gallows-tree, gargle, gas chamber, gasp, generic name, get along without, get rid of, get tired, gibbet, give away, give birth, give out, give over, give the quietus, give up, give way, globule, gnat, go astray from, go away, go down, go downhill, go off, go soft, go to pieces, go uphill, gobbet, grade, grain, gravitate, gravitation, gray out, ground, grow weary, guillotine, gun, gun down, gun for, gurgle, guzzle, halter, hand over, hang, hanging, have, have a baby, have done with, have young, head, head start, header, hemp, hempen collar, herbs, hesitation, hew down, hit, hit the skids, holiday, hot seat, incinerate, inclination, incline, incur loss, inhalant, inside track, interim, interlude, intermezzo, intermission, intermittence, interruption, interval, involution, iota, jackknife, jade, jigger, jilt, jolt, jot, jugulate, jump, keel, keel over, kick, kiss good-bye, kitten, knock down, labor, lamb, languish, lapidate, lapse, lay, lay down, lay level, lay low, lay out, layoff, leach, leaching, lead, leak, leak out, leakage, leaking, lean, leave, leave off, leave out, lessen, let drop, let fly, let go, let off, let out, let slip, let up, lethal chamber, letter box, letter drop, letup, level, libation, lie in, lincture, linctus, list, litter, lixiviate, lixiviation, load, lose, lose altitude, lose out, loss of tone, lota, lower, lull, maiden, mailbag, mailbox, mailing machine, make a sacrifice, materia medica, medicament, medication, medicinal, medicinal herbs, medicine, melt away, microbe, microorganism, midge, minim, minutia, minutiae, mislay, misplace, miss, mite, mixture, molecule, mote, mow down, nip, nol-pros, nonprescription drug, noose, nose dive, nose-dive, not pursue with, odds, officinal, omit, ounce, oust, pant, parachute, parachute jump, part with, particle, pass, pass away, pass out, patent medicine, pause, pearl, peg, peg out, pelt, pepper, percolate, percolation, peter out, pharmacon, physic, pick off, pillar box, pinch, pine, pinhead, pinpoint, pistol, pitch, play out, plop, plug, plummet, plummeting, plump, plunge, plunk, point, poleax, poop out, pop off, postbag, postbox, pot, potation, potion, potshoot, potshot, pounce, pounce on, pounce upon, pour down, powder, power dive, precipitate, preparation, prescription drug, prime, proprietary, proprietary medicine, proprietary name, prostrate, puff, puff and blow, pull, pull down, pup, put behind one, put off, quit, quitclaim, rag, rain, raindrop, rake, rapids, rase, raze, recant, recess, regression, reject, relapse, release, relinquish, remission, remove, render up, renounce, repudiate, resign, respite, rest, retract, retreat, retrocession, retrogradation, retrogression, riddle, rise, rope, round, round of drinks, run down, run low, run out, running dive, running start, rusticate, sack, sacrifice, sag, scaffold, scene, scenery, scrap, screen, scrub, seep, seepage, seeping, send headlong, settle, shake, shed, shelve, shoot, shoot at, shoot down, shoot to death, shot, shotgun, shred, shrink, side scene, sidle, silence, simples, sink, sip, skid, skin-dive, sky dive, sky-dive, slack off, slacken, slant, slide, slip, slip out of, slippage, slope, slowdown, slug, slump, smidgen, smidgin, smitch, snifter, snip, snipe, snippet, snort, something extra, something in reserve, sound, spare, spawn, speck, spot, spread-eagle, spurtle, stab to death, stage screw, stake, stand-down, start, stationary dive, stay, step out of, stone, stone to death, stoop, stop, strike, strike dead, subside, subsidence, succumb, suck, suffer loss, sup, supinate, surrender, suspension, swag, swan dive, sway, swear off, sweat, sweating, swig, swill, swoon, swoop, swoop down, syrup, tab, tableau, tail off, take a header, take a potshot, take down, take off, taper off, taste, tear, teardrop, teaser, tend, tend to go, terminate, the chair, theraputant, throw, throw down, throw off, throw over, throw up, tilt, tip, tire, tisane, tittle, topple, tormentor, torpedo, tot, transformation, transformation scene, travail, tree, trend downward, trickle, tricklet, trill, trip, truce, tumble, turn off, undergo privation, undo, unwrap, upper hand, uprise, vacate, vacation, vanishing point, vantage, vantage ground, vantage point, vaporize, vegetable remedies, visit, waive, wander from, wane, waste, waste away, waterfall, weaken, wear, wear away, wear thin, weary, weep, wet, whack down, wheeze, whelp, whip hand, wilt, wing, wingcut, withdraw from, woodcut, yean, yield


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