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Dribble definitions

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

1. To fall in drops or small drops, or in a quick succession of drops; as, water dribbles from the eaves.
2. To slaver as a child or an idiot.
3. To fall weakly and slowly; as the dribbling dart of love.
DRIBBLE, v.t. To throw down in drops.

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: flowing in drops; the formation and falling of drops of liquid; "there's a drip through the roof" [syn: drip, trickle, dribble]
2: saliva spilling from the mouth [syn: drool, dribble, drivel, slobber]
3: the propulsion of a ball by repeated taps or kicks [syn: dribble, dribbling] v
1: run or flow slowly, as in drops or in an unsteady stream; "water trickled onto the lawn from the broken hose"; "reports began to dribble in" [syn: trickle, dribble, filter]
2: let or cause to fall in drops; "dribble oil into the mixture" [syn: dribble, drip, drop]
3: propel, "Carry the ball"; "dribble the ball" [syn: dribble, carry]
4: let saliva drivel from the mouth; "The baby drooled" [syn: drivel, drool, slabber, slaver, slobber, dribble]

Merriam Webster's

I. verb (dribbled; dribbling) Etymology: frequentative of drib to dribble Date: circa 1589 transitive verb 1. to issue sporadically and in small bits 2. to let or cause to fall in drops little by little 3. a. to propel by successive slight taps or bounces with hand, foot, or stick <dribble a basketball> <dribble a puck> b. to hit (as a baseball) so as to cause a slow bouncing intransitive verb 1. to fall or flow in drops or in a thin intermittent stream ; trickle 2. to let saliva trickle from the corner of the mouth ; drool 3. to come or issue in piecemeal or desultory fashion 4. a. to dribble a ball or puck b. to proceed by dribbling c. of a ball to move with short bounces dribbler noun II. noun Date: circa 1680 1. a tiny or insignificant bit or quantity 2. a small trickling stream or flow 3. an act, instance, or manner of dribbling a ball or puck dribbly adjective

Oxford Reference Dictionary

v. & n. --v. 1 intr. allow saliva to flow from the mouth. 2 intr. & tr. flow or allow to flow in drops or a trickling stream. 3 tr. (also absol.) esp. Football & Hockey move (the ball) forward with slight touches of the feet, the stick, etc. --n. 1 the act or an instance of dribbling. 2 a small trickling stream. Derivatives: dribbler n. dribbly adj. Etymology: frequent. of obs. drib, var. of DRIP

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Dribble Drib"ble, v. t. In various games, to propel (the ball) by successive slight hits or kicks so as to keep it always in control.

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Dribble Drib"ble, v. i. 1. In football and similar games, to dribble the ball. 2. To live or pass one's time in a trivial fashion.

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Dribble Drib"ble, n. An act of dribbling a ball.

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Dribble Drib"ble, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Dribbled; p. pr. & vb. n. Dribbing.] [Freq. of drib, which is a variant of drip.] 1. To fall in drops or small drops, or in a quick succession of drops; as, water dribbles from the eaves. 2. To slaver, as a child or an idiot; to drivel. 3. To fall weakly and slowly. [Obs.] ``The dribbling dart of love.'' --Shak. (Meas. for Meas., i. 3, 2). [Perhaps an error for dribbing.]

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Dribble Drib"ble, v. t. To let fall in drops. Let the cook . . . dribble it all the way upstairs. -- Swift.

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Dribble Drib"ble, n. A drizzling shower; a falling or leaking in drops. [Colloq.]

Collin's Cobuild Dictionary

(dribbles, dribbling, dribbled) 1. If a liquid dribbles somewhere, or if you dribble it, it drops down slowly or flows in a thin stream. Sweat dribbled down Hart's face... Dribble the hot mixture slowly into the blender. = trickle VERB: V prep/adv, V n prep/adv 2. When players dribble the ball in a game such as football or basketball, they keep kicking or tapping it quickly in order to keep it moving. He dribbled the ball towards Ferris... He dribbled past four defenders... Her dribbling skills look second to none. VERB: V n, V, V-ing 3. If a person dribbles, saliva drops slowly from their mouth. ...to protect cot sheets when the baby dribbles... = drool VERB: V 4. Dribble is saliva that drops slowly from someone's mouth. His clothes are soaked in dribble. = drool

Soule's Dictionary of English Synonyms

v. n. Drip, trickle, fall in drops.

1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue

A method of pouring out, as it were, the dice from the box, gently, by which an old practitioner is enabled to cog one of them with his fore-finger.

Moby Thesaurus

ace, atom, bit, condensation, condense, dab, distill, distillation, dole, dot, dram, driblet, drip, dripping, drippings, dripple, drivel, drool, drop, dwarf, expectorate, expectoration, farthing, filter, fleck, flyspeck, foam, fragment, froth, gobbet, grain, granule, groat, gurgle, hair, handful, hawk, iota, jot, leach, leaching, leak, leak out, leakage, leaking, little, little bit, lixiviate, lixiviation, minim, minimum, minutiae, mite, modicum, molecule, mote, mouth-watering, nutshell, ounce, particle, pebble, percolate, percolation, pinch, pittance, point, ptyalism, saliva, salivate, salivation, scrimption, scruple, seep, seepage, seeping, sialagogue, slabber, slaver, slobber, smidgen, smitch, speck, spew, spit, spittle, spoonful, spot, spurtle, sputum, sweat, sweating, thimbleful, tiny bit, tittle, trickle, tricklet, trifling amount, trill, trivia, weep, whit


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