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Decide definitions

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

DECI'DE, v.i. To determine; to form a definite opinion; to come to a conclusion.
We cannot decide how far resistance is lawful or practicable.
The court decided in favor of the defendant.

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: reach, make, or come to a decision about something; "We finally decided after lengthy deliberations" [syn: decide, make up one's mind, determine]
2: bring to an end; settle conclusively; "The case was decided"; "The judge decided the case in favor of the plaintiff"; "The father adjudicated when the sons were quarreling over their inheritance" [syn: decide, settle, resolve, adjudicate]
3: cause to decide; "This new development finally decided me!"
4: influence or determine; "The vote in New Hampshire often decides the outcome of the Presidential election"

Merriam Webster's

verb (decided; deciding) Etymology: Middle English, from Latin decidere, literally, to cut off, from de- + caedere to cut Date: 14th century transitive verb 1. a. to make a final choice or judgment about <decide what to do> b. to select as a course of action used with an infinitive <decided to go> c. to infer on the basis of evidence ; conclude <they decided that he was right> 2. to bring to a definitive end <one blow decided the fight> 3. to induce to come to a choice <her pleas decided him to help> intransitive verb to make a choice or judgment <decide on where to go> decidability noun decidable adjective decider noun Synonyms: decide, determine, settle, rule, resolve mean to come or cause to come to a conclusion. decide implies previous consideration of a matter causing doubt, wavering, debate, or controversy <she decided to sell her house>. determine implies fixing the identity, character, scope, or direction of something <determined the cause of the problem>. settle implies a decision reached by someone with power to end all dispute or uncertainty <the dean's decision settled the campus alcohol policy>. rule implies a determination by judicial or administrative authority <the judge ruled that the evidence was inadmissible>. resolve implies an expressed or clear decision or determination to do or refrain from doing something <he resolved to quit smoking>.

Oxford Reference Dictionary

v. 1 a intr. (often foll. by on, about) come to a resolution as a result of consideration. b tr. (usu. foll. by to + infin., or that + clause) have or reach as one's resolution about something (decided to stay; decided that we should leave). 2 tr. a cause (a person) to reach a resolution (was unsure about going but the weather decided me). b resolve or settle (a question, dispute, etc.). 3 intr. (usu. foll. by between, for, against, in favour of, or that + clause) give a judgement concerning a matter. Derivatives: decidable adj. Etymology: ME f. F décider or f. L decidere (as DE-, cædere cut)

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Decide De*cide", v. t. [imp. & p. p. Decided; p. pr. & vb. n. Deciding.] [L. dec[=i]dere; de- + caedere to cut, cut off; prob. akin to E. shed, v.: cf. F. d['e]cider. Cf. Decision.] 1. To cut off; to separate. [Obs.] Our seat denies us traffic here; The sea, too near, decides us from the rest. --Fuller. 2. To bring to a termination, as a question, controversy, struggle, by giving the victory to one side or party; to render judgment concerning; to determine; to settle. So shall thy judgment be; thyself hast decided it. --1 Kings xx. 40. The quarrel toucheth none but us alone; Betwixt ourselves let us decide it then. --Shak.

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Decide De*cide", v. i. To determine; to form a definite opinion; to come to a conclusion; to give decision; as, the court decided in favor of the defendant. Who shall decide, when doctors disagree? --Pope.

Collin's Cobuild Dictionary

(decides, deciding, decided) Frequency: The word is one of the 700 most common words in English. 1. If you decide to do something, you choose to do it, usually after you have thought carefully about the other possibilities. She decided to do a secretarial course... He has decided that he doesn't want to embarrass the movement and will therefore step down... The house needed totally rebuilding, so we decided against buying it... I had a cold and couldn't decide whether to go to work or not... Think about it very carefully before you decide. VERB: V to-inf, V that, V against/in favour of n/-ing, V wh, V 2. If a person or group of people decides something, they choose what something should be like or how a particular problem should be solved. She was still young, he said, and that would be taken into account when deciding her sentence... VERB: V n 3. If an event or fact decides something, it makes it certain that a particular choice will be made or that there will be a particular result. The goal that decided the match came just before the interval... The results will decide if he will win a place at a good university... Luck is certainly one deciding factor. VERB: V n, V wh, V-ing 4. If you decide that something is true, you form that opinion about it after considering the facts. He decided Franklin must be suffering from a bad cold... I couldn't decide whether he was incredibly brave or just insane. VERB: V that, V wh 5. If something decides you to do something, it is the reason that causes you to choose to do it. The banning of his play decided him to write about censorship... I don't know what finally decided her, but she agreed. VERB: V n to-inf, V n, also V n that, V n against/in favour of n/-ing

Soule's Dictionary of English Synonyms

I. v. a. Settle, conclude, determine, close, terminate, end. II. v. n. Determine, conclude, resolve, come to a conclusion, give a decision, make a decision, make up one's mind.

Moby Thesaurus

adjudge, adjudicate, advance, arbitrate, ascertain, assure, bring, call the shots, carry, certify, choose, choose to, cinch, clear up, clinch, command, conclude, conduce to, conjecture, contribute to, control, decide upon, decree, desire, determine, direct, dismiss all doubt, dispose, elect, engage, enlist, ensure, establish, figure, find, find out, fix, forward, gather, get at, get to do, govern, guess, guide, incline, induce, influence, insure, interest in, judge, lead, lead to, lure, make a decision, make certain, make no doubt, make no mistake, make sure, make sure of, nail down, opt for, order, pick out, procure, prompt, purpose, reassure, redound to, referee, regulate, remove all doubt, resolve, rule, seal, see fit, see that, see to it, select, set, set at rest, settle, sort out, subserve, surmise, sway, take a resolution, tempt, think fit, think good, think proper, turn the scale, umpire, wear the pants, will, wish

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