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Court of Consience definitions

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Request Re*quest" (r?-kw[hand]st"), n. [OE. requeste, OF. requeste, F. requ?te, LL. requesta, for requisita, fr. L. requirere, requisitum, to seek again, ask for. See Require, and cf. Quest.] 1. The act of asking for anything desired; expression of desire or demand; solicitation; prayer; petition; entreaty. I will marry her, sir, at your request. --Shak. 2. That which is asked for or requested. ``He gave them their request.'' --Ps. cvi. 15. I will both hear and grant you your requests. --Shak. 3. A state of being desired or held in such estimation as to be sought after or asked for; demand. Knowledge and fame were in as great request as wealth among us now. --Sir W. Temple. Court of Requests. (a) A local tribunal, sometimes called Court of Consience, founded by act of Parliament to facilitate the recovery of small debts from any inhabitant or trader in the district defined by the act; -- now mostly abolished. (b) A court of equity for the relief of such persons as addressed the sovereign by supplication; -- now abolished. It was inferior to the Court of Chancery. [Eng.] --Brande & C. Syn: Asking; solicitation; petition; prayer; supplication; entreaty; suit.

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